2022 In The Rear View Mirror

The end of 2022 is only 7 hours away as I write this. I figured I’d spend a few minutes looking back on the year. With a few personal exceptions, this is a year I am glad is coming to an end. Lat’s take a look at the insanity.


It has been a year that has seen the delusional and mentally ill, particularly those who are in power in Washington DC, tear this nation down and trying to sell us on the idea that the destruction they are wreaking is “good for us”.

We’ve seen the ‘woke’ – delusional narcissists all – try their darnedest to twist reality and society into something unrecognizable as they try to show they are “more virtuous than thou” while burning down the house that is our society they say they are trying to redeem.


Vladimir Putin, ex-chekist, decided invading Ukraine in order to ‘reintegrate’ it into Russia was a good idea, using the excuse of Ukraine being a neo-Nazi state. His ‘special military operation’ was supposed to be able to take over the government of Ukraine in three days and the country in about a month.

Eleven months later Russia has lost much of their gains as Ukraine, with materiel aid from the West, has pushed the Russians back, retaking Ukrainian territory from the Russians. They have also been striking targets in Russia itself, primarily military bases, supply depots, other military infrastructure, bridges and roads. Russia had to call up reserves – the so-called ‘mobiks’ – poorly trained or untrained Russian civilians to fill the depleted ranks of the Russian military in Ukraine.

Russia never achieved air superiority and they lost a lot of planes and helicopters to the MANPADS Ukrainian troops used. They also lost a lot tanks and infantry fighting vehicles to shoulder-launched anti-tank missiles, forcing the Russians to pull early Cold War era armor – T62’s and BMP1’s – from storage to replace the T72, T80, and T90 tanks and BMP3 IFVs destroyed by Ukrainian troops. Ukraine also managed to damage or destroy a lot of Russian artillery and anti-aircraft systems, much of which Russia cannot easily replace.


Finding out that the mRNA vaccines used to ‘save’ people had major health side effects including myocarditis, blood clots, and strokes in children and young adults certainly caused me to question the ‘science’ so often touted by Dr. Fauci, President Biden, Twitter, the NYT, WaPo, and a host of other DNC propaganda operations.

Also, findings that as a percentage more people vaccinated against Covid got Covid as compared to the percentage of unvaccinated people who got Covid also had me questioning the science.

On advice from a friend of mine who is an epidemiologist I haven’t received any more boosters. (He also suggested this based upon my increasingly severe reactions to the vaccine. Call it a twofer.)


That the Twitter files released by Elon Mush have shown that Twitter was censoring content or suspending users, following guidelines and ‘orders’ from the FBI and DOJ, which made Twitter an organ of the US Government and not a corporation not answerable to the public or bound by the US Constitution.

The wokerati were upset when Musk started firing Twitter employees he found had no purpose being there other than collecting a paycheck. There were far too many Chiefs and barely enough Indians. Many of those let go had no real responsibilities. That Twitter was also losing money didn’t help, so Musk did what any CEO would do – trimmed costs. Getting rid of deadwood is what any responsible CEO would do, not just Musk. But he was castigated for doing what needed to be done.


We keep hearing that the annual inflation rate is somewhere around 8.7%, but seeing what I’ve been paying for food, gas, propane, heating oil, electricity, tools, parts, tires, clothing, and various other goods and services as compared to the previous year, it looks to me like inflation has been closer to 20%.

It doesn’t help that the White House and Congress seem to be doing whatever they can to make things worse by dumping trillions of dollars of money we don’t have into the economy and actively working to make sure energy prices will go higher by choking off natural gas, oil, gasoline, and diesel supplies, pushing EVs even though our electrical grid can’t supply the power needed to support them. That they are also considering mandates similar to those in parts of Europe that will cripple our agriculture which will further restrict supplies and drive up prices even more.


I am finding the sheer ignorance of our GenZ population is scaring me. Considering it has been happening on purpose means they have absolutely no frame of reference, no history to use as comparison for the things they are being sold as “The Truth” which means they will be incapable of discerning purposeful lies designed to bring about a totalitarian state as they surrender one right after another to The State, or in this case, the Deep State.

To cite Heinlein’s Commentary on Santayana’s aphorism, “Those who have no history have no past...and no future.”


And so much for now. I think if I keep listing the things I have noticed over the past 12 months I shall become even more cynical than I already am.