Have The Democrats Miscalculated?

One has to wonder if the Democrats have seriously miscalculated, seeing the protests and the following rioting and looting as a way to take the White House and Senate.

Lawlessness, particularly lawlessness tacitly approved of by Democrat mayors and governors, does not instill confidence in voters. When a mayor orders a city’s police to stand down, taking a “Let it burn” attitude, and governors aren’t willing to call out their state’s National Guard to restore order, it signals to a great many people they their aren’t interested in the oaths they took when the entered office, don’t care that their constituents lives and property are endangered, and are pandering to groups that truly care little about the law, despite their protestations to the contrary. (I am not referring to the legitimate protesters, but those who used the protests more as a cover to loot and burn.)

It has been speculated the aforementioned mayors and governors have taken the actions (or inactions) as a means of forcing the President to act, to bring in federal troops to quell the lawlessness they permitted, all to foster the “Trump the dictator” narrative the Democrats and their Socialist brethren have been selling since before he took office and are trying to keep going until this November. However, Trump hasn’t taken the bait.

While the Democrats and the media anticipated getting the optics they so desperately craved of Trump sending in soldiers with bayonets fixed charging at the “peaceful protesters,” what they got instead was the sudden appearance of a bunch of federal tactical units from the FBI, the Secret Service, the DEA, ATF, the U.S. Marshals Service, the Bureau of Prisons, and other agencies, in full gear, many with no rifles, and certainly no bayonets.

As the entire nation is about to belatedly discover, federal agents do not need the permission of governors or mayors before they can enter a state or a city to enforce federal laws and arrest those who are breaking them.

And it happens to be a federal crime to conduct terror attacks against American communities.

I guess the mayors and governors forgot that little detail.