Thoughts On A Sunday

Here it is, another Sunday in Coronavirus America.

The governor in my home state of New Hampshire released a Stay-At-Home executive order that took effect at midnight Friday night. While not nearly as restrictive as other states’ and cities’ Shelter-In-Place orders, a number of businesses have been ordered closed, restaurant dining rooms closed and the restaurants switching over take-out and delivery only service, and other businesses and local government offices changing over to limited hours/appointment only service.

The WP Mom and I did venture out both yesterday and today to take care of our regular weekly shopping. We didn’t buy anything out of ordinary, didn’t have any issues with shortages of any goods, though the toilet paper supply is still a little spotty in some stores.


Something to remember when it comes to pandemics, specifically when it comes to China, is that the number of cases doesn’t suddenly drop to zero. They taper off until the number of new cases reaches zero.

That China has suddenly reported no new cases is suspicious on the face of it. But as I have linked to before, the reason no new cases have been reported in China is because it is no longer testing for coronavirus.

If no testing is being performed then there could not possibly be reports of any new cases. Instead, they have reclassified any new deaths as caused by ‘regular’ influenza or pneumonia, but not coronavirus.

Sorry, but I’m calling “Bulls**t!” on this one.


Don’t believe the coronavirus numbers the media is reporting. Why?

Because they are usually comparing apples and oranges.

While the US now has more coronavirus cases than China (supposedly – see above), looking at the per capita incidences of coronavirus patients you will see the US is at the bottom of the curve, but you won’t hear the media talk about that aspect of it at all.

One note: You will notice that the graphs in the linked post do not include any figures from China.


Is the Covid-19 pandemic a possible media extinction event?

I hope so. Too much of the media no longer reports the news, but tells you want to think about what little news they actually report.

Perhaps TV newscasters should end each segment with “More of the alleged news after this…”. Call it journalistic truth.


I find it interesting (but not surprising) that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is blaming President Trump for the coronavirus problems, choosing to conveniently forget that she has been one of the biggest blockades to getting things done.


The Manhattan Contrarian offers some advice for dealing with the coronavirus.

The more you read about this, the more you realize that the key to true success against the virus is to embrace environmental incorrectness. Many of the environmental fads of the last few years turn out to be exactly what you should not be doing. Like it or not, you are now going to have to use more plastics and increase your “carbon footprint.” Hey, it’s the least you can do to keep yourself and your family and friends alive.

Read the whole thing.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where folks are dealing with restrictions caused by coronavirus with aplomb, most folks aren’t really noticing many differences, and where some folks are think the 6-foot distancing is too close...and always have.