Social Distancing - Northern New England Yankee Style

In line with what has been going on in the US, particularly here in New Hampshire, and with social distancing having become the norm, I figured it was time to show you how we’ve always done something like that up here in Northern New England. Call it the “Surly Northern New England Yankee Curmudgeon Socially Distanced Greeting:

Surly Curmudgeon #1- "Good day?" (Translation: "Are you having a good day today, friend?")

Surly Curmudgeon #2- "Ayuh. You?" (Translation: "Yes, I've been having a most excellent and exceedingly good day. How about you?"

Surly Curmudgeon #1- "Ayuh?" (Translation: "As am I. Will I see you later down at the general store/dump/Agway/diner/town meeting?")

Surly Curmudgeon #2- “Ayuh.” (Translation: “Most assuredly. I look forward to discussing matters of great import at length with you.”)

Cuts right to the chase, is efficient, and keeps interactions to a minimum. Ayuh.

UPDATE: A fellow Northern New England Yankee added a bit to this:

Yet Another Surly Curmudgeon: "Six-foot separation for 'social distancing'? Why would I want to get that close to anybody?"