Thoughts On A Sunday

It’s been a rainy and cool day here in the Lakes Region today, the antithesis of Saturday. That fact makes me glad that the WP Mom and I visited the farm stand of the farm where BeezleBub works yesterday.

It is the last weekend of the farm stand’s operation for the year. That doesn’t mean the farm work itself is done for the year. There’s plenty to be done before winter arrives, including making sure the farm’s turkeys are well taken care of until the week of Thanksgiving and the rest of the livestock – cows, pigs, and chickens – will have the food and shelter they’ll need for the coming winter.

Planning for greenhouse operations are also under way, making sure the right crops will planted and that there will be enough firewood to fuel the wood furnace that heats the greenhouses through the winter. Work on sawing the timber that has been felled for use in a new barn will also be taking place, with enough being milled to start construction next spring.


Yet another institution of higher indoctrination learning has learned the hard way that going “woke” is going to cost them plenty. In this case, the University of Michigan has spent $2.25 million in legal fees in defending itself in two “Dear Colleague Letter” kangaroo court cases.

How many millions have been spent by colleges and universities defending themselves against such lawsuits because they abandoned due process at the behest of the aforementioned “Deal Colleague” letter? How many of those lawsuits were won by the plaintiffs? (Hint: All of them.)

Will colleges and universities learn the lessons the others have learned and change how they handle sexual assault allegations, adhering to due process rather than their unconstitutional kangaroo court rules and investigation processes? Maybe. But until then they will continue to be sued and will continue to lose.


Here’s yet another example of a college’s incompetence and malice when it came to convicting a male college student for a sexual assault.

In this case, Boston College convicted a male student of a sexual assault even after a police investigation proved the accused student couldn’t possibly have committed the assault.

Doe was a senior in 2012 when he went on a student-sponsored cruise for the school newspaper. With more than 600 passengers on board, the cruise dance floor was crowded. According to court papers, as Doe made his way across the floor, a female student, “AB,” started screaming at him. Doe’s acquaintance, “JK,” who had been walking in front of him, turned to him to say, “Sorry dude, that was my bad.”

Within minutes, the ship’s security guards detained Doe, placing plastic bags on his hands to preserve evidence and keeping him in custody overnight. The following morning, he was charged with indecent assault and battery; AB had reported that someone had digitally penetrated her anus. When Doe later phoned JK about what had happened, JK responded, “What a b-tch! What kind of girl goes to a dance floor like that and doesn’t expect to get touched or grabbed?” according to the recording of the call.

None of the evidence pointed to Doe. Footage of the event showed Doe several feet from AB. Forensic testing showed none of her DNA on Doe’s hands. So the district attorney dropped all charges. Boston College, however, proceeded to investigate on its own under Title IX and held a hearing within a month, where the adjudicating panel was told to put JK “at ease” when he testified, establishing that JK was only a witness and not a suspect. It then found Doe responsible and suspended him for more than a year, postponing his graduation until 2014.

Boston College convicted and suspended the student even though there was unequivocal evidence he couldn’t have possibly committed the assault. So the student did the only thing he could do.

He sued Boston College for malicious prosecution and won. The jury awarded him $100,000 for lost income and a semester’s tuition.

This is an example of how the “porous Title IX processes at Boston College and around the country fail to protect against malicious or false accusations.” The “Dear Colleague” letter strikes again and another college has to pay out due to its own malfeasance.

Boston College didn’t get a fraction oi the abuse it deserved.


"If you only listened to MSNBC, you would never know that the United States currently has the strongest economy in the history of human civilization." - Scott Adams

(H/T Maggie’s Farm)


Do you want to see what our ‘betters’ in New Hampshire have planned for we Granite Staters in regard to energy? Then all we have to do is to look towards California’s present situation (minus the brush fires) to see where we’re headed, both energy-wise and politically.

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom is warning citizens that they could be in for a long weekend as the state’s public utility announced Saturday plans to shut down huge sections of the electric grid.

The Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s move could black out an estimated 940,000 homes and businesses in parts of more than 30 counties up and down California. PG&E is trying to prevent potential wildfires from spreading through the state while keeping tabs on downed power lines.

Newsom, who is under pressure as gas prices increase, told Californians things are going to be tough for the next few days.

Next few days? I have a feeling Californians will be having these problems for years and they’re only going to get worse. All these problems can be laid at the feet of years of California’s Progressive government overreach and their kowtowing to watermelon environmentalists, basing decisions on ‘feelz’ or ‘how it should be’, and not on hard science and how it really is.

This is the fate that many of the same forces wish for us here in New Hampshire, including business-killing taxes and regulations, removal of local control and imposition of state control from top to bottom, and dismantling of our energy infrastructure and increasing dependence on unreliable and inadequate energy supplies, be it electricity or natural gas. (Certainly our US Senators, Shaheen and Hassan, have been working hard to destroy the New Hampshire Advantage and make us just another failing Blue State.)


It appears the only way the Democrats can pull of their coup is by using secret proceedings in their “star chamber” impeachment inquiry, preventing the public, and just as importantly, Republicans from having access to testimony transcripts even though House Rules state quite clearly all members of the House “shall have access thereto”. But Schiff has such a hard-on to get Trump he’s willing to violate House Rules, ignore ethics rules, and toss the Constitution out the window. I have a feeling that Schiff and other House members as well as former and present DOJ, FBI, and State Department staffers are going to go to jail because of their illegal activities leading up to and after the 2016 and 2018 elections.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where it’s raining heavily, the leaves are coming off the trees in large numbers, and Halloween is this week!