How Dare You Use The Law To Investigate Our Wrongdoing!

I find it amusing, but not unexpected, that Congressional Democrats are complaining that their machinations and those of their fellow travelers and Deep State operatives are now being investigated by a US Attorney as criminal activity.

That there were abuses of the FISA process by using unvetted opposition research which led to illegal surveillance (including wiretaps) of the Trump campaign is not in question. That there is criticism from those who either committed those acts or sanctioned them, the same folks who thought it was perfectly OK when AG’s Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch targeted Obama opponents and critics, are showing their hypocrisy. The only ones they want to see investigated and intimidated are their GOP opponents even if they have committed no criminal acts. (One must remember Obama used the IRS to punish and block conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, groups that were mirror images of progressive political groups that received their tax-exempt status with little or no delays.)

Reps. Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff are condemning the transformation of John Durham's investigation into the origins of the Russia probe into a criminal investigation.

When challenged, attack. The two issued a joint statement saying that the Justice Department has become a “vehicle for President Trump’s political retribution.”

Note that the congressmen are not talking about what Durham is investigating, only how he's doing it.

It seems they think that only they can disparage and investigate their political rivals. It is time they learn that they are as beholden to the laws of this nation as everyone else, even if they must learn it the hard way when a jury declares them “guilty as charged”.