Thoughts On A Sunday

It was a farm wedding weekend here in the Lakes Region. The oldest son of the owners of the farm where BeezleBub makes his living got married yesterday. The ceremony was held in one of the meadows overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee and the White Mountains, and the reception in a large tent in another field with a similar view. There was good food, good live music, and lots of good company.

A good time was had by all.


Antifa strikes again in Portland. (No surprise.) They physically assaulted journalist Andy Ngo. The Portland Police stood by and did nothing. As I have seen elsewhere, Portland is now under control of Antifa just like Birmingham, Alabama was under the control of the KKK.

I think what will spark a general uprising against Antifa is when they finally kill someone “for the cause” and the normal folks will finally fight back. Or worse, the President declares that Portland is in insurrection and sends in the US Army to restore order. In either case I expect a lot of Antifa thugs will die should that happen.


If the some of the Democrats presidential candidates get their way, we could see the return of busing as a means of decreasing racial imbalances in schools. The only problem?

It didn’t really work the last time it was tried.

It appears that once again the Dems want to ignore history and give it another go, expecting the results will be different this time. (It won’t.)


I don’t think they thought this one through.

The St. Louis Park, Minnesota city council voted unanimously to do away with citing the Pledge of Allegiance because “it might offend Muslims”.

So, they kowtowed to a minority population while offending everyone else? Were they afraid someone within the Muslim community might kill them if they were offended? Or was it purely Leftist virtue signaling, and the consequences be damned?

If I had to guess, it’s both.


Socialism: The True Gospel of Greed. Just as Churchill stated decades ago.

If anything, Churchill understated it.


Once again, my home state has managed to avoid the Democrat-majority crafted tax-and-spend, deficit-ridden state budget due to Governor Sununu’s veto.

The budget made assumptions about revenues that anyone familiar taxes knew wouldn’t be there, increased state spending by a whopping 13% that revenues wouldn’t cover and used one-time revenues to fund programs that required annual funding to maintain, throwing the state into a position of deficit spending which contravenes the state constitution.

The governor also vetoed a stealth income tax that was to be used to fund a state family leave fund. The Democrats promised they would never raise that tax in the future. But that promise wouldn’t last and they’d find some reason to raise it, probably by promising property tax relief or more funding for education. As history has shown us, none of that tax money would go to property tax relief, the most recent examples being Connecticut and New Jersey. Also, any state education funds would come with huge strings attached, including loss of local control of schools, something history has shown always leads to a lower quality of education.

There are also several gun control bills passed by the New Hampshire House and Senate that severely restrict the Second Amendment rights of New Hampshire citizens that are also headed for vetoes. One such bill would allow town school boards to declare schools and school-owned/leased property as gun free zones. That would extend to school buses, even those on the road, which means that anyone carrying a firearm within 300 feet of a school bus would be violating a gun free zone. In effect, that would ban anyone carrying a firearm anywhere.

What’s ironic is that New Hampshire is a constitutional carry state, has the lowest violent crime in the nation, has had no mass shooting, gunfights like one at the OK Corral, or drive-by gang shootings, and a very high percentage of citizens owning and carrying firearms. Yet the Democrats are slinging around restrictive legislation like we were seeing shooting like the ones in Parkland, Florida and Virginia Beach, Virginia every week. These bills are merely feelgood measures that serve two purposes – to disarm law abiding citizens and to make the legislators feel good about themselves for having “done something” even though it was the wrong something.

The next election cycle cannot come soon enough to get these Leftists out of office.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where wedding bells have rung, everyone is preparing for Fourth of July, and where I am taking a few days off this coming week.