Thoughts On A Sunday

It is the last day of Motorcycle Week and the bikers have been making the best of it. While it wasn’t sunny today, we did manage to dodge most of the rain (it kept to the south of us for the most part). The weather over the past week was good, with only two days with any rain. The rest of the days have been warm and sunny. From what I’ve heard most of the bikers have enjoyed their time here.


I have been keeping an eye on the responses to the $33 million in damages awarded to Gibson’s Bakery in the Gibson’s versus Oberlin College lawsuit. With only a few exceptions, most have been positive, with the general thread being “Oberlin is getting what it deserves. Other ‘woke’ colleges better pay attention lest they become another Oberlin.”

For once, the institutions of indoctrination once known as colleges and universities understand that actions have consequences and that they are not above the law, that they cannot ignore the Constitution, and that they are responsible for the actions of their administration, faculty, and students.


Does anyone else out there believe the whole “Plastic straws are killing sea life everywhere” meme? While at first blush it seems logical, one quickly realizes that it is just so much bulls**t.

First, how many plastic straws are recycled? Just watching customers at local restaurants, both fast food and ‘sit down’, plastic drink straws end up in the trash, not in recycle bins. Even when they are included in takeout orders, most folks toss the wrappers, drink containers, and straws into the trash.

Second, how many people toss their plastic straws into streams, rivers, or the ocean? One, maybe two thousand out of 7.5 billion people on the Earth?

Third, it’s led restaurants and waitstaff to go ‘stupid’ in regard to straws.


Considering the Gibson’s versus Oberlin College decision, Progressives need to consider any of their divisive actions before they take them. One that should heed the lesson of Oberlin College’s poor decision making is New Hampshire State Representative Jan Schmidt. Her mistake?

Lying about and disparaging a conservative New Hampshire blog, claiming that because of their posts and public forums that a few State Representatives have had to request police protection. A simple Right-To-Know request made to the police department ‘involved’ in providing such protection disclosed no such protective details existed or were requested.

I would consider that actionable as the State Rep in question tried to damage the reputation of a blog that did nothing but report happenings at various public functions and forums and by expressing opinions that differed from hers. She wanted to stifle their First Amendment rights by coming right out and saying they were inciting violence. She lied.


Bernie Sanders has a bit of a problem, one he’s going to have a difficult time getting past.

His problem? His proposed “Economic Bill of Rights” was cribbed heavily from Stalin’s 1936 Soviet Constitution.

Does he really think he can get people to buy into recreating the old Soviet Union? Maybe. Then again, he is a fan boy of the Soviet Union and the Communist Party. He even took his honeymoon in the old Soviet Union.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the rumble of motorcycle engines is slowly fading away, cash registers are full, and where we can finally get some rest on Monday.