Thoughts On A Sunday

As I write this we are still experiencing snow, now mixing with sleet. We got about 10 inches of snow before the sleet started mixing in. While I have shoveled around the environs of The Gulch, there’s still more to move.

I did leave some snow behind, but it was with a purpose in mind, that being as a buffer should the sleet change over to freezing rain. That snow will make it easier to keep the driveway and walkway from becoming a sheet of ice, allowing me to remove it once the snow/sleet/freezing rain ends this afternoon.


It’s Playoff Sunday, with the NFC and AFC championship games taking place today. These games decide who will be playing in the SuperBowl in two weeks.

I am not as interested in the NFC game because my favorite NFC team, the Philadelphia Eagles, isn’t playing this year, having been eliminated last week. However the AFC game is one the WP Mom and I will be watching intently as it’s between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs are three point favorites, but as many have learned over the years, never underestimate the Patriots.


Since Trump has called the Democrats’ bluff, offering a compromise in regards to the DACA and TPS programs in regards to illegal immigrants, one they rejected out of hand, it appears the Dems are ready to double down on stupid.

At a Thursday conference, some Democrats floated the idea of forcing cancelation of the SuperBowl as a means of ending the government shutdown.

Yeah, that’ll work…NOT.

One way to make sure a good portion of Americans never vote for Democrats again is to screw around with the SuperBowl.

While the NFL has tarnished its image by caving in to BLM protests, a lot of people will gladly back up the NFL if the congressional Democrats go full ‘stupid’. So will a lot of corporations that spent millions of dollars on ad buys for the big event. I would also expect millions of dollars of campaign funds to not make their way to Democrat coffers if they actually did this.


I find it interesting, but not surprising, that US CO2 emissions have been rising as nuclear plants have been closed. What makes it worse is that some plants are being closed prematurely, not for technical or safety issues but purely political reasons.

Trying to force US energy production towards renewables, a technology that isn’t as green as proponents keep claiming, isn’t nearly as efficient as claimed, and is nowhere near as reliable as proponents want it to be. They have to be backed up by fossil-fueled plants using coal or natural gas, hence more CO2 being emitted.


Is the whole kerfuffle about the border wall really nothing more than a Democrat scam? It is, according to Harry Reid.

What's in the news day and night? The wall.

It's all anyone talks about or thinks about or debates. Have you heard? The U.S. government is partially shut down over the wall.

But it's all a massive liberal scam. A Ponzi scheme. Pure fraud. Bernie Madoff couldn't come up with a better scam.

Because the same liberal politicians and donors who scream about the "racism" and "immorality" and "ineffectiveness" of a wall all live behind walls.

President Trump needs to buy TV infomercial time and run a 30-minute TV show in a Ross Perot fashion -- featuring aerial views of the mansions and estates of liberals, protected by walls, gates, and armed guards. You know, the exact same protections they don't want you and me or our children to have.

Exhibit A is Harry Reid, the Democratic former Senate Majority Leader from my home state of Nevada.

Read the whole thing.


Does it really surprise anyone that families are pulling up stakes and leaving states like New Jersey, New York, Illinois, and Connecticut?

Considering the confiscatory taxes, business-hostile policies and regulations, profligate state spending, and willful lack of economic understanding, is it any wonder people are leaving those states? Why remain someplace where the government is doing everything it can to damage the economy, make it more difficult to do business, and make day to day living more expensive?

The thing that makes this even more ironic is that the governments in these states think that by doubling down on what they’ve already done they can somehow make things better, not understanding that their previous actions are the very things that caused the decay of their state.


With the inclement weather we’ve experienced it behooves us to take a look at Skip Murphy’s take on the media feeding frenzy such weather events create.

It happens every time we have a significant snow event, one that most of we New Englanders see as part of a normal winter. To hear the news media you’d think snowstorms like these have never happened before and that everyone is gonna DIE unless we stay in and watch their news coverage.

Yeah. Right.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the snow and sleet are still falling, the temps are going to drop to single digits with well below zero wind chills tonight, and where dreams of this coming summer’s boating season fill our dreams.