Thoughts On A Sunday

Here it is, the first TOAS of 2019.

I wish I could say that with the change from 2018 to 2019 that there have been profound changes for the better, but six days into the New Year it doesn’t seem that that’s the case. There appears to be a lot of the Same Old Same Old.

Even with the change of the majority in the House of Representatives down in the Swamp, or here with the New Hampshire legislature, I doubt we’ll see anything new. Only the faces and the names will have changed. For the most part it’ll be easy to predict what we’ll see both from Congress and from the state legislature.


One thing the new members of the House need to learn is that the rhetoric they used while campaigning (and during their prior protests/community organizing/general PITA efforts) doesn’t always play well on The Hill. One thing that draws the wrong kind of attention is when a representative uses invective aimed at the President that would be better left to their constituents. They have to understand that the rules on The Hill are different from what they’re used to and that those rules won’t bend to their will. Flouting them is a great way to end up being censured by the very people they may consider their inferiors.

That’s not a good way start their congressional careers. Now if only some of the veteran Representatives (like Maxine “Mad Max” Waters) understood that.


Is it possible Netflix could go the way of Sears?

The consensus appears to be “Yes”.

Unless it can rein in its debt and get its fiscal house in order it may find itself in financial trouble pretty darned quick.


It seems that “Alex from the Bronx” Occasional-Cortex is the gift that keeps on giving.

She continues to display her expansive ignorance about how government works and keeps digging the proverbial hole even deeper with each tweet.


It may be time to finally stick a fork in Twitter as it seems that posting facts is considered “hateful conduct”.

The victim of censorship by Twitter in this case is feminist Megan Murphy who had her account suspended because she tweeted that “men aren’t women”.

This is yet another example of “Just when I thought they couldn’t get any stupider…”

At this rate no one will be able to tweet about anything without running afoul of Twitter’s Terms of Use. So what use is Twitter under those conditions?

While this incident occurred a couple of months ago, it seems the problems with Twitter have only gotten worse since then.


Is CNN going to go the way of the Dodo and Passenger Pigeon?

Their ratings continue to suck, with very few actually watching the news network by choice.

When CNN is being beaten by the Hallmark Channel, History Channel, and TNT you know they’re in trouble.


The government shutdown is being blamed on President Trump when in fact that it can be laid entirely at the feet of the House. When they say it’s up to the President to compromise on this matter, they are reverting to the Obama definition of compromise – Sit down, shut up, and give us what we want.

But when the Democrats won’t even discuss the matter with the President and choose to ignore the realities of what’s been happening on the southern border, then the fault is theirs and theirs alone.


This explains everything in regards to the Progressive Left.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the lake has not yet frozen over, our local ice fishing derby is less than a month away, and a lot of people are wondering if we’ll be able to pull it off.