Thoughts On A Sunday

We experienced our first accumulating snowfall yesterday. While we did not receive a measurable amount of snow here at The Manse, it was just enough to turn the fields, yards, and roadsides white. The changeover to rain later in the day made the snow melt away, but ‘the damage was done’. Our first snowfall is now on the books.

At least we won’t have worry about snow for Halloween, at least according the weather forecast. (We have had more than a couple of Halloweens that required the kids’ costumes to fit over a snowsuit!)


Wirecutter over at Knuckledraggin’ My Life Away brings up a couple of points to ponder in regards to accused serial hoax bomber Cesar Sayoc.

First, Sayoc has been labeled as a registered Republican. However a screen capture from Instagram lists Sayoc as a registered Democrat.

Second, official Florida voter registration shows Sayoc registered as a Republican in 2016. However, Sayoc is a convicted felon. How can he be registered to vote? Unless felons have their right to vote restored by the state, a lengthy process, they cannot vote. Sayoc had a felony conviction in 2014 for grand theft and drug dealing in 2015. At this point no one has been able to confirm one way or the other that his voting rights have been restored.

Just who is this guy?


This is something that has been evident to anyone paying the least bit of attention :

California ranks as the poorest state in the US and has the worst income inequality.

It seems that everything California and its various cities have done over the past few decades has been an effort to achieve those results. Diving deep into the socialist goodie bag and pushing nonsensical feel good legislation, boosting/adding taxes, and creating a plethora of regulations on every aspect of people’s lives, is it any wonder California has degenerated into a place where there will be only the very wealthy and the very poor?


Chicks on the Right covers the #WalkAway march that happened today.

Apparently the number of registered Democrats dissatisfied and/or disgusted with their party and the direction it has taken is growing.


Only those of us of a certain age remember what it was like before there was streaming TV. Heck, there are those of us around that remember TV long before cable TV was around.

There were three, maybe 4 TV channels you could receive (ABC, CBS, NBC, and maybe PBS). There were no remote controls (except for the kids who needed to get up to change the channel, move the rabbit ear antenna to get a good picture, or turn the volume up or down). Ther was more:

Now that streaming and pausing live television are second nature to most of us, it might be really simple to forget what life was like before technology revolutionized how we consume our entertainment. Anyone who was raised in the Netflix era of programming has no idea of the hardships the rest of us faced growing up. (And don't even get me started on life before remote controls...)

Recently some good people took to Twitter to reminisce about the days when you had to catch your favorite show at the time that it aired (or somehow figure out how to set your VCR to record) in order to watch it at all. There was no DVR, there was no streaming, and there absolutely was no pausing — which, as we will see, often caused a boatload of problems.

Yep, there was a time when you had approximately 90 seconds in which to get things done in order to not miss a moment…

Yup. Those were the Bad Old Days indeed.


Is this the energy version of paying farmers to not grow crops?

In this case, some wind farm operators in the UK were paid £4.8 million in one day to shut down some of their wind turbines because electrical supply exceeded demand.

Of course the money paid to those wind farm operators came from the ratepayers.

I’m sorry, but electricity ratepayers should not be on the hook for utilities paying producers to not generate electricity. If they aren’t generating electricity to meet demand then they shouldn’t be paid, period.

I’ve always thought that things like wind and solar are nothing more than a means of picking the public’s pocket for the benefit of the renewable energy supplier’s bottom line. It’s basically subsidy mining.


Later this week the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout, aka The Boat, will be taken out of the water. While this is by no means the latest I’ve removed the boat from the Lake, I doubt we’ll be seeing warm enough weather to make a trip out onto the lake worthwhile.

My last jaunt on the lake was about a week and a half ago when we had temps in the 80’s. But looking at this coming week’s forecast it looks like it’s time to tow the trailer down to the boat ramp and get the boat loaded onto it, and get it hauled over to the Boat Shoppe to be winterized and stored away for the winter.

I certainly can’t complain about this year’s boating season as we were out on the lake a lot this year. All in all, it was a good boating season!


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee where winter weather made a brief visit, the leaves are falling off the trees in increasing numbers, and the woodstoves are being fired up to ward off the evening chill.