Thoughts On A Sunday

It was another of those fifty-fifty weekends in regards to weather, with Saturday being almost in the 60's but today barely making it out of the 30's. At least it's been mostly sunny both days.

I am still working on getting The Manse squared away for the winter. Hopefully I'll get a chance to finish the last of work necessary by next weekend.


Have you been as annoyed by Tom Steyer's “Let's Impeach Trump” ads as I have? He keeps saying it isn't political, but of course it is. It's purely political.

Where were his “Let's Impeach Obama” ads when The Won blatantly violated the separation of powers and ignored the constitution when Congress didn't give him what he demanded? Absolutely nowhere because Steyer didn't care since Obama was 'his' guy.

Of course Steyer never really comes out and states which “high crimes and misdemeanors” Trump has supposedly committed that would warrant impeachment. It's just that he doesn't like Trump or the things he says and that's all the reason he needs. By that criteria alone Obama should have been impeached as well.

As long as we remember it's not about facts, but entirely about 'feelz' it all makes sense.


Being an aviation aficionado and a student of World War II, this piece about Pratt & Whitney's Wasp engine is quite enlightening.

The large version of this radial 9-cylinder engine powered many a fighter and bomber during the war, with some variations stacking three of these engines together to create a 27-cylinder engine capable of producing well over 2,000 horsepower at high altitude.

It is one of the engines that helped win the war.


You've probably heard the claim from some of your 'greener' friends that organic farming can feed the world. Too bad that the claim has no basis in fact...unless everyone became vegetarians and no animals were ever raised for food and that we eliminated some portion of the human race.

So how do the authors achieve their headline conclusion? By combining a worldwide conversion to organic agriculture with a heroic parallel worldwide conversion to vegetarianism, allowing them to assume (in some scenarios) a 100 percent reduction in land-area competition from animal production. This is combined with a similarly heroic 50 percent reduction in global food waste.

In other words, what the researchers actually show is that 100 percent conversion to organic can only feed the world if two — frankly impossible — other conditions are met. That gives a very different headline from the one they chose to lead their study with.

You can prove almost anything as long as you ignore the negative effects or data that disproves your claims. Then again, isn't that the 21st Century way?


I find it interesting that feminist Emily Lindin is more than willing to let the present witch hunt taking place on college campuses and elsewhere within our society that falsely accuses men of sexual assault to go forth, all in the interest of smashing the “worldwide, systemic oppression of half the population.”

Really? For how long? When would enough be enough? Or would her preferred method be open-ended which would allow decades, if not centuries of the oppression of men in order to balance the books? It it appears that is indeed the case as she also stated “ If some innocent men's reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is the price I am absolutely willing to pay.”

Umm, here's a clue for you, Emily - YOU won't be the one paying the price.

I would also expect that you will also learn the hard way that it won't work the way you think it will because all the men being persecuted will have to do is to go Galt and leave it to you and all those other third-wave feminists carrying a pathological hatred of men to do the jobs that men are no longer willing to do for you. Or will you decide that perhaps slavery is also “a price I'm willing to pay” to make sure that all of the wonderful things that make your life so much easier to live will continue? If I had to guess you're one of those who would be more than happy to do so.


Math is Racist!



Oh, and here's another helpful hint from the People's Cube to make it easier to identify and know the differences between fascists and anti-fascists.

Yeah, it makes it easier to know who is trying to bash your brains in before you let loose with some .45 ACP.


I love it when the foaming-at-the-mouth SJW's learn that the First Amendment they use doesn't prevent them from being charged with other crimes while they try to stifle other people's First Amendment rights.

The example shown in the above linked post shows what happens when one of those aforementioned foaming-at-the-mouth SJW's commits grand larceny all while letting loose a profanity laced rant against free speech. I hope she'll get plenty of practice while she serves a term in one of California's finer correctional institutions. My only question is whether it will be a regular prison or a secure psychiatric facility as it is quite evident she's out of her friggin' mind.


One downside to the more efficient lighting provided by LEDs? More people are lighting the exteriors of their homes and businesses because LEDs use very little electricity. This in turn has caused a 2% increase in outside artificial light intensity across the globe. Somehow I think this was not what the Greens wanted when they used things like laws to push people into getting rid of their incandescent light bulbs. Call it Yet Another Example Of The Law Of Unintended Consequences coming into play.

I know a lot of communities have passed what are called 'Dark Sky' ordinances that limit where the light from outdoor lighting fixtures can go, usually meaning only downwards and not past the horizontal. While I didn't like the idea of such ordinances at first, I have come to see the wisdom and advantages of 'Dark Sky' lighting – you can actually see the night sky; you are not lighting up your entire neighborhood when you only want to light your doorway; the cost of lighting decreases because you're only lighting the area you want, not trying to signal the aliens in orbit above our planet.

While I can put a lot of light on the driveway and area in front of The Manse and beside its garage – usually for the purposes of snow removal or making sure visitors can see where they are going – for the most part I rarely have any exterior lights on. If I do they aren't on for more than a few hours and never past midnight.

And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather can't quite make up its mind, turkey sandwiches will be the lunch of choice for the next week or so, and where we're tuning up our snowblowers for the coming winter.