Thoughts On A Sunday

The level of activity here at The Manse has increased as we move into Spring Cleaning mode. A number of non-functional items made their way to the local Lion's Club Electronic Waste Collection Day. While it is possible to dispose of electronic waste year round at out local transfer station, the Lion's Club charges a fraction of what of the transfer station charges for the same item.

There's also a considerable amount of junk to be removed from the basement, something that will be occurring over the next 4 weekends or so.

It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly we can accumulate stuff we either no longer need (donated to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or St. Vincent DePaul) or is no longer serviceable. We're hoping to have reduced the amount of stuff in our basement by at least 50% by the time we're done.


Skip gets into the details fascism and its need to destroy the individual for the sake of the collective. (Here's where fascism and the various forms of socialism agree 100%.) As Skip writes, “They just can't leave anyone alone, can they?”

The picture which he also includes breaks it down to an even simpler terms (you can go to his post to see it).

Conservative: Leave Me Alone.

Liberal: No.

Paraphrasing what I wrote in my post yesterday, we're looking for a government that will leave us the hell alone and let us get on with living our lives and making a living free from Nanny State interference.


Here's another interesting post from Granite Grok, this time from Steve MacDonald on the issues of pregnancy, abortion, child support, and his call for the equivalent of an End User License Agreement (or EULA) that covers sexual intercourse, in this case the Vaginal Use Liability Verification Agreement, or VULVA.

The VULVA will stipulate the following. It’s yours. Your decision to treat it like a drive-thru is your business and your responsibility.  And that despite all precautions real or implied, pregnancy is a common outcome of intercourse. If the use of said Vagina results in an unplanned pregnancy (and therefore a potential additional unplanned use of the same vagina as a result of that pregnancy), the user of the vagina will in no way be held financially responsible for any decision made by the mother. This is based on the presumption of the in-force femi-nazi code which states that “men have no say whatsoever in whether or not the woman has an abortion because men cannot get pregnant.” If men cannot get pregnant then these women shall not facilitate the following double standards regarding secondary uses of the same vagina for which men also have absolutely no control. Like birth.

Seems reasonable to me. I know of quite a few people who should have had such an agreement in place before going forward with their sexual relationships. But that's just me.


You know the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights “Dear Colleague” letter has caused far more harm than it has prevented when a male college student was expelled and his scholarship canceled due to a sexual assault accusation even though no sexual assault took place.

A third party reported the alleged assault, though the two people involved have both said no assault took place and that all sexual activity was consensual.

This witch hunt, for that's what it is, must stop. When it devolves to the point that a third party accusation made by someone who wasn't even an eyewitness carries more weight than that of the supposed victim who states over and over again that she was not a victim because the sex was consensual (and did not involve alcohol), then it's gone to damn far.

People need to be sued, ruined, and jailed for bearing false witness.



Cause and effect, or coincidence?


The definition of irony:

UC Berkeley supports $15 minimum wage. Governor Brown signs the new $15 law. Berkeley then lays off hundreds of workers.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along...


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where thoughts of boating intrude regularly, yard work is piling up, and where there's always more work to be done on the boat to get it ready.