The Poor Put-Upon Social Justice Warriors

As the whole PC movement has been pressing forward and the Social Justice Warrior shtick it has inspired have grown, my tolerance for the hypocrisy and intolerance that go with it has shrunk. I realize that some of those same SJW's will think my statement is some kind of microagression or show my racism/white privilege/intolerance for their sensibilities, but frankly I don't care anymore. Not that I ever did care, but I generally kept my thoughts about it to myself. Those days are now gone.

When one looks at everything the SJW's are demanding, particularly after you take a few steps back, what is it they are really looking for? What is the only thing that will truly mollify them and make them all safe and warm?

Treating them like the spoiled little children they are.

Think about it. What is it they keep demanding, both on college campuses and out in their version of real life?

No words that will make them sad or scared.

No bad pictures.

No one challenging their simplistic view of the world. (Imagine the world of a three or four-year old and you'll know what they're looking for.)

No bad people.

No bad ideas.

They want safe places, coloring books, and puppies.

They want ice cream.

They want it and they want it NOW!

What they really need is a spanking and a dose of harsh reality. If we look at them as spoiled, self-absorbed, selfish children, their problem becomes evident to everyone.

Who do we blame for this gawd-awful turn of events? That's quite simple: their parents, their schools, and their teachers, from kindergarten on up through college. No one has challenged them their entire lives, given them the opportunity to think things trough for themselves. If they had, it is highly likely the wouldn't have become SJW's to begin with because they would have seen what a stupid 'movement' the various social injustice opponents had joined.

About the only thing the various SJW's deserve is pity and ridicule...and maybe a spanking.