Thoughts On A Sunday

The winter weather has fled for the time being, with warmer than normal temperatures that have kept m any of the lakes from freezing over. This has led to the delay of the annual Ice Fishing Derby, put off for two weeks to (hopefully) allow more ice to form on the various lakes where the derby will take place. This has also led to a delay in at least one sled dog race, maybe two as the snow cover is spotty at best and the thin ice on the lakes have created big gaps in the race route.

Some of the less informed folks are blaming global warming, but the rest of us know it's the side effect of El Niño as we've seen this more than once during El Niño years. Some of those same folks who blame global warming have chosen to ignore the previous two winters which saw well below normal temperatures and heavy snowfall...unless they're going to pin the blame on that weather on global warming as well, which the will.


How many times have we heard people claiming the moon landings were faked, that 9/11 was an inside job, or a litany of world events were the product of widespread conspiracies?

I've been hearing them for decades.

My one gripe about them all is that with the large number of people who would need to be involved there would be no way it would remain a secret, and particularly for decades. The larger number of people involved in such conspiracies, the larger the chance that someone would spill the beans in increasingly short periods of time.

Now there's a mathematical equation that shows large-scale conspiracies would quickly reveal themselves.

Things like faking the moon landings would take hundreds, if not thousands of people to pull it off. There's no way anyone would be able to keep that quiet for 45+ years.


There are none so blind as those who will not see, particularly if such sight would shatter the delusions of the multi-culti politically correct European leaders.


Neo-neocon writes about Trump and asks “Who are Trump's supporters and what do they want?”

I know of very few of my acquaintances who are supporting him, but almost everyone agrees he's been bringing up many important topics the GOP establishment has been ignoring for years. If nothing else he's forcing the other GOP candidates to address those issues, something the GOPe hasn't liked.

Will I vote for Trump during the New Hampshire Primary? No effin' way. Will I vote for him in November if he ends up being the GOP nominee? Yes, but I'll be holding my nose as I do so.


I wouldn't think this is the best way to garner supporters.

It appears Bernie Sanders is a full-blown 'believer' in AGW, shutting down a girl who had the audacity to question him on the subject.

Then again, Bernie doesn't need proof because he just knows it's true...even if there is no solid evidence, the claims of a 'consensus' not withstanding.

Then again, he says he has plans to “bring climate deniers to justice.” As if that doesn't carry the stink of the old Soviet Union.


“Standing Room Only”. Yeah. Right.

Then again, what do you expect from all of the media water-carriers for Hillary? The truth?


This is a lesson any mature business has to relearn again and again if it wants to stay in business.

This is what happens when McDonald's listens to its customers - success.

Some corporations get so big that they believe they can dictate to their customers what to buy. But examples abound that disprove that notion, some of which meant the bankruptcy and dissolution of many companies who ignored the old axiom “The customer's always right.”


Is California becoming a modern day feudal state?

Yes. Next question?


According to Bloomberg, we could see sub-$1.50/gallon gasoline this year.

I filled up for $1.629/gallon a week and a half ago and I've seen prices just above $1.50 just south of here. I figure it's only a matter of time unless there's a huge disruption in oil production somewhere (the Middle East, maybe).

I have been enjoying the lower gas prices, but it hasn't affected my driving habits in the least as I still drive the same number of miles as when gas was at $4/gallon.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the ice is either missing or too thin, the temps will be near 50ºF this week, and where I am not complaining about not having to make use of a snowblower.