A Change In Tone

As the campaigning here in New Hampshire has ramped up, the tone of what advertising has been aired has changed as well.

Until recently, much of the campaign ads have touted how this GOP candidate or the other are not Hillary or painted Hillary as just an extension of Obama. But now that ads, at least on the GOP side, have turned away from painting their candidate in a favorable light to tearing down one of more of their fellow candidates. The tone has gone from one of friendly rivalry to full on mud slinging and denigration of character. This hasn't been a gradual change, but one that took place overnight, with no attack ads one day and slews of them the next day.

Two things are driving this, in my opinion: the large number of GOP candidates and the fast approaching Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire Primary.

I can't wait for February 9th to get here so we can get past this and get a few months respite before both the convention and the general campaign leading up to November.