Thoughts On A Sunday

Preparations for Thanksgiving continue apace, with the WP clan going to be spread out all over New England and rural New York on that day. Deb will be working that day and I'll be holding down the fort here at The Manse, so our celebration will take place on Friday. Such are the vagaries of work schedules.


David Starr offers his views on the GOP candidates and I have to say I pretty much agree with what he says.

While I agree with David that Ben Carson is a little soft spoken, I have to counter with Teddy Roosevelt's line - “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” I'd rather have someone who speaks softly, means what he says, and is willing to back it up with the Big Stick.


While this article is not really new, being posted back in September, it is still germane to the discussion about Carly Fiorina and her time heading HP.

Was she a bad CEO? No, at least in regards to doing what was need to save HP. Those she laid off most likely see it differently, but a CEO's job is to do what's necessary to keep the company they lead viable, even if some of actions needed hurt some of the employees.

If the linked piece above isn't enough, here's a letter from a former HP employee that was published in one of our local papers. He was there prior to Carly taking the helm and dispels many of the conceptions of what HP was like pre-Fiorina.


Poor little fragile snowflakes!


Speaking of poor fragile little snowflakes, here's an example from Columbia University, where one has claimed she's “suffered severe emotional trauma from reading too many books by and about white people.”

If she's so traumatized by this, it points to an underlying untreated psychological condition, not an uncaring university faculty or administration. This means she needs to withdraw from Columbia until her psychological disorder has been treated and she's deemed healthy enough to resume taking classes.


Somewhere, Jimmy Carter is celebrating being dethroned – Barack Obama: Worst. President. Ever.

Even people I know who have been staunch Obama supporters are now looking at him with new eyes and aren't liking what they're seeing. Quite a few of them have said they've felt betrayed because the promise of what might have been was nothing but a smokescreen meant to keep them in line. Now he's seen as a patronizing, sometimes annoyed and dismissive towards people who didn't see him as the new Progressive Messiah.

Welcome to the real world.

Even Jimmy Crater has been getting in on the act, placing the blame for ISIS squarely on the shoulders of Obama.


For a country that was supposed to be full of children who would never know snowfall again because of Global Warming, the UK is suffering its share of snow storms and icy blizzards.

I wonder how long it will be before the Thames River freezes from bank to bank?


This is one more I have to steal from Instapundit, and the subject does not surprise me in the least.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll shows us that a majority of Americans feel like strangers in their own country. I know I do.

We've gone from a “Can Do!” nation to one whose motto now seems to be either “Gimme Dat!” or worse, “You Didn't Build That!”. Anyone showing a lick of innovative thinking is either marginalized, regulated, or sued to the point where they give up. That isn't what our nation was built on.

It doesn't help that both Democrats and Republicans are partly to blame for this, as are a large number of those sequestered away in the halls of academia, places that have rarely felt the effects of real life and continue to indoctrinate our young adults with 'progressive pablum' that has nothing progressive about it.

But what do you expect from a nation led by a man who has deep-seated hatred for the country he leads?


At least these masked bank robbers had a sense of decorum, declaring “Relax, we are not Isis. It is only a hold-up.”

You can bet more than one bank patron said something along the lines of “Thank God!”


This is so effin' stupid that I admit I almost wasted a good cup of tea, being tempted to throw it at my monitor.

By way of Dr. Helen comes this Fox News story about a “PC bullying assembly” and how boys were asked to stand and make a pledge to “never ever hurt a woman, no matter what.”

I can see if the girls were also asked to make a similar pledge to never ever hurt boys, but that wouldn't fit the narrative. Boys are always guilty, even when they aren't. That over a third of all domestic violence is committed by women is totally ignored, as is that the percentage is increasing.

I would never take such a pledge because I am a gentleman and it is assumed gentlemen would never hurt a woman. Nor would I take it because it is a totally PC piece of bulls**t and I will not in any way support political correctness, which is nothing more than yet another form of fascism.


And that's the news from politically incorrect Lake Winnipesaukee, where winter is peeking around hillsides and over mountaintops, snow tires are being mounted, and where we're making sure our snowblowers are good to go.