More Social Deconstruction By The Silly Progressive Youth

As the decent into the absurd continues on our college campuses, one has to ask why the series of incredibly dumb and trivial 'causes' has come to the forefront. Between the “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” being demanded by the mentally fragile snowflakes, and the progressively ridiculous claims of “racism”, “sexism”, and “cultural appropriation” being made by their brainless brethren, is it any wonder why we have to worry about our society?

Of the most recent silliness, the silliest has to be the cultural appropriation obsession that has infected our college campuses. It goes something like this:

Just when you thought uptight, fun-dodging, thought-policing millennials couldn’t get any worse, they go and brand yoga as racist. Apparently, when white people bend themselves bonkers while humming or thinking happy-clappy thoughts, they’re not only being self-punishing saps: they are also ‘culturally appropriating’ a practice that has ‘roots in Indian culture’.

That’s according to student leaders at the University of Ottawa, who put pressure on a yoga teacher at the uni’s Centre for Students with Disabilities to call off her yoga classes. She was told ‘there are cultural issues of implication involved in the practice’. In these people’s minds, in which the Offence-Seeking Antenna is forever turned to High, a white person doing yoga is not that different to a white person donning blackface and singing ‘Mammy’.

I think these folks are overlooking one important point: almost every western nation 'appropriates' portions of the cultures of those who have come there from other nations. It is inevitable.

America has been called a melting pot, hopefully taking the best of other cultures to add to our own and making it better. But that doesn't interest these idiots. They want to balkanize every cultural aspect of our people, natural born or immigrant, creating ethnic, racial, and cultural enclaves. It will be Jim Crow writ large, with the divisions being more numerous. That is what the Perpetually Offended are striving for, not realizing they sow the seeds of their own destruction. Such segregation never works, leaving more strife and division in its wake and stifling many of the freedoms we hold dear.

There's another aspect of this as well, that being by working to deconstruct Western social values we will have no base for making moral and ethical decisions. When that base is gone any action can be justified, even genocide. We saw that in places like Germany, where the Nazi Party filled a gap left by the devastating terms of the Treaty of Versailles which bankrupted that nation, financially and morally. We also saw it in the old Soviet Union, where normal morality and ethics were replaced by those of the Party, none of which allowed the freedom of thought and expression many of the present day 'Progressives' take for granted. They mistakenly think such freedoms would apply only to them and not the rest of us. Unfortunately for them, history shows that they will end up being proles just like the very ones they look down upon.

Of course much of this could be attributed to the fact that many of the major social issues that drove the late 50's, 60's, and 70's have been resolved, leaving only these trivial and, in the end, totally unimportant 'issues' as the only things the Perpetually Offended have to justify their existence.