The One Shows His True Stripes...Again

The bodies weren't even cold yet in Roseburg, Oregon and The One was on TV, bloviating about how the US is the only country in the civilized world that has mass shootings on a regular basis (not true) and that we simply must “do something” about guns in the hands of killers. He denigrates those who, with plenty of evidence behind them, state that what we need is more people with guns even though it is a well-proven fact.

The place where the latest shooting took place, Umpqua College, was a gun-free zone, meaning no one had the means of stopping the gunman. The One mentioned a series of other mass shootings in the US and the one thing that they all had in common? All were gun-free zones. Every. Single. One.

What did that mean to the shooters? Simple – a free-fire zone where they had little to worry about because everyone there was unarmed.

So what does the Idiot-in-Chief want to do? Make sure even more law abiding citizens will be unable to defend themselves and others. And he goes so far as to call it “common sense” that somehow it will make everyone safer. Decades of history prove otherwise, but that won't stop The One from trying again.

The One even challenged the media to do a comparisons between how many Americans die in terrorist attacks versus in gun homicides. It sounds like a fair comparison, doesn't it? But what he fails to mention is that most of the people killed by gun violence are killed by people who aren't legally allowed to possess guns to begin with. He has a perfect example of that right in his back yard – Washington DC.

It still has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation (despite the Heller vs District of Columbia Supreme Court decision) and one of the highest number of gun homicides in the country. The people committing those homicides aren't the law abiding citizen carrying their firearms for their own protection, but people who don't care about the law and will carry guns and shoot people they don't like regardless of the fact they shouldn't have guns to begin with.

If the President really wants to lessen the problem of mass shootings, then all he has to do is one simple thing: outlaw gun-free zones and let the law abiding citizens carry their firearms wherever they go. As the good Professor Reynolds has stated more than once, “People don't stop killers. People with guns stop killers.”