The Gaslighting Of The American People

“We're not nuts. He's nuts!”

The above is Bill Whittle's take on Barack Obama and he gives us a fairly convincing argument that he and those who support him have been gaslighting us for years. The one thing that keeps them from getting away with it is the hours and hours and hours of video that show the Sociopath-In-Chief lying to us and then denying he said any such thing, or taking one position and, at the drop of a hat, taking the opposite position while stating with a straight face that was their position right from the beginning.

Is it any wonder those of us who have managed to avoid drinking the Obamabot Kool Aid fully understand that the president is not to be trusted on anything? He lies even when the truth would serve better, giving us an indication just how deeply his sociopathy runs. And like many sociopaths, he is also a narcissist, something he displays without even thinking twice about it.

Yet with all of that, I wouldn't mind it all that much if he was at least a competent sociopath, but he doesn't even have that going for him.