The PC Police Try Playing The Empty 'Race Card'

I had thought to write about one of the more pressing matters facing our nation or our world, but after reading this, I realized both just might be doomed.

When those who claim they are fighting racism start stating that things like food, language, globull warmening, and our moms are all racist concepts, then I know someone has let all of the lunatics out of the asylums. It is yet another push by the PC crowd to let us all know just how 'evil' they believe we are.

All of this crap basically boils down to the now multidecade long effort to change language to make sure no one is ever offending by anything anyone says. (But what if my purpose is to offend people richly deserving it? They've never adequately addressed that issue.) Unfortunately it has devolved to the point that everything is now considered offensive, not just language. Call the folks pushing this the perpetually offended and aggrieved.

These folks have lost their friggin' minds. They should be 1) committed to a mental hospital, or 2) ridiculed endlessly until they stop their nonsense, or 3) put out of our misery by giving them exactly what they want.

While the first two have a lot of appeal, they wouldn't be nearly as satisfying as giving these idiots exactly what they want. By that I mean let's give them an island someplace, one large enough to allow them to support themselves and build their perfect society. We'll give them all of the help they need to establish their society, and then quarantine them, sealing them away from the rest of the world so they can live without interference from the rest of us. It might also be worthwhile to have the island paradise wired for video and sound so we can watch the experiment unfold. Maybe even finance it by selling the TV rights to a network as the ultimate reality show. Then we let these perpetually offended folks live their lives.

My prediction? Within a few years their perfect society will descend into a totalitarian state with the governing elite imprisoning or executing those who are “impure”. The outcome of this experiment will be terror, misery, and poverty. It will also provide an object lesson to those who would try to ignore history and try yet again to create a politically correct 'utopian' society. (Of course we could look at some existing examples like Venezuela or Zimbabwe, but many of these perpetually offended people – almost all of them socialists of one stripe or another – try to minimize or deflect the blatant failure of these societies.)

I have to admit that I tend to use the second option I listed above, heaping ridicule an scorn upon the poor deluded fools. All it takes is to point at them, laughing, and telling them “That is the funniest and most ludicrous thing I've ever heard!” After a while they go away.