Obama Is Not Israel's Friend

If nothing else, Bibi Netanyahu has proved to me once and for all that Obama really doesn't care for Israel in any way, shape or form. That he sent some of his campaign “consultants” to Israel to help the opposition unseat Netanyahu indicates to me just how much he hates the Jewish homeland.

Israel has been a staunch ally practically since its reconstitution in 1948. It has been the only nation in the Middle East to maintain the same form of government – a parliamentary system akin to Great Britain's – since its inception. The surrounding nations, with the exception of Jordan, have seen nascent democracies replaced with dictatorships or weak governments that inspire anarchy, or worse, nominally theocratic totalitarian rule. As much as Israel's enemies have decried its “brutal and inhumane” response to efforts to destroy it, it is its enemies who use brutal and inhumane means to wage war.

Now Israel has to worry about yet another mindless enemy, that being our President. This is a continuation of his policy of insulting our allies and sucking up to our enemies, all which is a part of his so-called Smart DiplomacyTM, something that is neither smart nor diplomatic.

My only concern is how much more damage Obama can do before he leaves office, assuming he doesn't find some way to remain in office as “President for Life” like so many of his 'friends' so he can continue his destruction of our nation all in the name of his nebulous concept of fairness.