Phoning It In

As the clock on the Obama Administration winds down (not fast enough for me...and about 300 million other Americans), it's easy to look back to 2009 and discern the patterns and style of governing by the present occupant of the White House. I think I can describe it in two words:

Slacker chic.

The Won made all kinds of noise about remaking America, put forth all kinds of plans, threw trillions of dollars at the 'problems' he believed were plaguing this nation...and nothing happened. He was the “Idea Guy”, not the “Get It Done Guy”. He must have figured that as long as he had the vision that others would make the vision come to fruition. The problem is that these 'others' were no more capable of making any of it happen then he since most of them, like him, had little or no real world experience in actually doing things that mattered. That's what happens when you fill your cabinet, advisory positions, and 'czar' offices with academics rather than with people who have experience in getting things done, particularly in the private sector.

With one failure to execute after another, Obama looked increasingly like he was just phoning it in, not much different from a bunch of stoners phoning in a pizza order after doing ounce after ounce of choom and trying to quench their monster munchies.

The Won is a slacker, and he always has been. He just hid it long enough to get elected into one office after another. Once he actually had do something, he was lost. Not surprising, is it? After all he's never had to do anything his entire life, so he wasn't prepared to execute the duties of the highest office in the land. As he approaches the middle of his second (and last) term, he isn't even trying anymore, just going through the motions and making appearances at fund-raisers and on the links.

January 2017 can't come soon enough.