Do It Yourself Fix To Government Caused Problem

I'd like to see Obama tell this guy “You didn't build that.”

Sixty-two year old Mike Watts got fed up with the traffic problems and disruption a 14-mile detour caused by the closure of a section of the A431 highway in the UK so he took it upon himself to fix the problem by building a toll road to bypass the closure.

A grandfather sick of roadworks near his home defied his council and built his own toll road allowing people to circumvent the disrupted section.

[He] hired a crew of workmen and ploughed £150,000 ($252,000) of his own cash into building a 365m (about a quarter mile) long bypass road in a field next to the closed A431. He reckons it will cost another £150,000 ($252,000) in upkeep costs and to pay for two 24 hour a day toll booth operators.

The government wasn't willing to do anything about it so he did it himself, solving a problem that was seriously affecting the daily lives of the people near the highway closure. That he was also making some money off of it is icing on the cake.