Thoughts On A Sunday

Did you remember to set your clocks one hour ahead last night? Daylight Savings Time has returned and it's about time.

Frankly, I would have no problem staying on it all year round as I prefer to have daylight available at the end of the day, particularly during the depths of winter.

I don't understand the reasoning behind being on DST for eight months of the year and 'Standard' time for four. Why bother? Or maybe it might behoove us here in New England to change from the Eastern to the Atlantic Time zone. I know there have been suggestions made that Maine do so.


When are boxes filled with over two million comments from environmentalists not really germane to the debate about the Keystone XL pipeline?

When the boxes are empty. Look at the photo at the bottom of the post.

Better yet checkout the second photo in the post which asks the pertinent question: Why waste all that paper when the comments could have just as easily been put on a USB key?

The answer: USB keys don't provide photo ops for the watermelon environmentalists.


Why is there so much hatred for conservative blacks? Could it be because they refuse to “stay on the plantation of dependence” run by the Democrats because they are willing to think for themselves and form their own conclusions rather than following their brethren into perpetual bondage to morally bankrupt ideologies?

We've seen it more than once, the latest incident being a shameful display of intolerance by Rutgers University's New Brunswick Faculty Council in regards to the invitation extended to Condoleeza Rice to be the commencement speaker this year.

Rice is smart, disciplined, hard-working and the model of an inspiring modern American. She personifies the American Dream. She is living inspiration for a young person trying to accomplish great work no matter what the barriers. And in Rice’s generation there were some serious barriers starting with her race and gender.

That is why New Jersey Republican State Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini called the Rutgers faculty’s wrongheaded decision "appalling and an embarrassment to our state."

"This is nothing more than a political firestorm fueled by their hatred of an opposing ideology, and President George W. Bush in particular. Dr. Rice and the people of New Jersey deserve better," Angelini said.

It's the usual Leftist double standard, applied to anyone they disagree with and particularly at anyone who dares step outside the stereotype they have defined for various ethnic, racial, and ideological groups.


This bodes well for Smart DiplomacyTM:

Secretary of State John Kerry wants US envoys to make climate change their priority.

Yeah, that will help win hearts and minds. Considering there are issues of far greater importance to deal with, this sounds like an Incredibly Stupid Idea. But then our foreign policy has been anything but smart since Obama took office, with an almost endless and growing list of diplomatic failures that have alienated allies and encouraged enemies towards ever greater efforts to destroy our nation.


If we need yet another example of the Obama Administration's abject failure on the domestic side, Cap'n Teach also points us to a looming strike by casino and hotel workers in Las Vegas over the side effects of ObamaCare, that being the potential loss of health care benefits, a 40-hour work week, and pension benefits.

ObamaCare, the 'gift' that keeps on giving.


The 10 cars with the most obnoxious drivers.

I agree with every single one.


Tohight signals the start of two new series on television, the respun Cosmos on the Fox networks and Resurrection on ABC.

I remember watching the original Cosmos on PBS, hosted by Carl Sagan. It took what only some of us knew about the universe and made it understandable to everyone. I look forward to watching the new series, hoping it will match the wonder of the original.

I will be recording and watching Resurrection, something that appears to be a version of the original French series Les Revenants, or The Returned. While the producers of Resurrection have stated their show is not a version of The Returned, I will watch it before coming to a conclusion one way or the other.


Quote of the day courtesy of Skip at GraniteGrok:

“I am a third world guy who has embraced America, and, as I see it, he is an American-born guy who has adopted a third world ideology.” - Dinesh D.Souza on Barack Obama



And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where sugaring has started, the snow is melting, and our last delivery of firewood takes place on Tuesday.