The Mystery Of MH370

The mystery of Malaysian Air Flight 370 deepens, with further evidence the Boeing 777 may have been in the air for up to 8 hours after it disappeared from air traffic control radar.

Theories abound about the fate of the aircraft, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Was it a hijacking by outside forces? Was it an inside job, meaning one or both of the pilots may have committed this act? Is it actually a kidnapping writ large? Did someone steal the aircraft for later use in some kind of nefarious plot? If so, what about the passengers on board? Are they still alive? Were they killed once they landed? Or were they dead long before that, with someone depressurizing the cabin in order to let hypoxia kill them, leaving only the hijacker(s) alive?

Or is this a scene out of Lost, as more than one commenter to the WSJ article linked above has asked?

This is one of those mysteries that captures everyone's imagination.