Obama's Arrogance Will Be His Downfall

I read this and realized I had to post it in toto. Just linking it wasn't going to cut it.

Right behind the economy, the issue that will sway swayable voters in November is the repeated displays of arrogance by President Obama and his administration, inept arrogance at that. Indeed, that arrogance has been so heavy- and ham-handed that it has and will continue to undermine almost every other appeal the Obama campaign may make to marginal voters. Those on the dole or looking forward to being on it may shrug, but those with a shred of self-respect will be repulsed.

Obama's arrogance has reached the point of making him a laughing-stock. Obama’s inflated self-image will continue to overreact, making him appear more unworthy of confidence. Yeah, that’s the ticket! The best worst efforts of many in the major media to cover it up will be pierced, demonstrating their own lack of credibility. Others clinging to a shred of journalism will have to report the Obama campaign’s lack of credibility. There’s my forecast. And, I’m sticking to it.

P.S.: For those wondering about how Romney will capitalize on this, his campaign and those of us in the alternative media have shown how to expose the fool behind the curtain. All Romney himself has to do regarding Obama's buffoonery is remain the gentleman that he is, and toss out an occasional barb at the overinflated balloonery from the Obama camp.

Arrogance indeed. Of course as someone has pointed out to me in the past, it isn't arrogance if you can actually do what you say you can. However, as Bruce writes above, Obama's arrogance is based upon his overinflated opinion of himself. He's inept, therefore he is arrogant. Other than making energy prices skyrocket, he hasn't kept one campaign promise. Not. One.

He's never once had to prove himself to anyone, and particularly the public, and somehow he figured he wouldn't have to do so as President of the United States? His greatest accomplishments before making it to the White House have been running for and winning election to office, each one higher than before. But he's never actually had to perform the duties of those offices (voting “present”, anyone?) because as soon as he is sworn in he's started running for the next office. But now he's in the highest office in the land and he's had to perform. Instead, he's tried to vote “present” and found he can't do that any more.

(Actually, I realize I made a mis-statement about Obama having to prove himself. He has...in this case proving he's just as capable as any other incompetent 'community organizer' by making $110 million of Annenberg Foundation funds disappear with nothing to show for it.)

Is it any wonder that some of those who supported him in 2008 want nothing to do with him in 2012?