Return Of The DNC Automatons

There were all kinds of things I could have posted about today – Obama, the economy, the GOP campaign, and so on. In fact it is one of those things that caused an incident at our local general store this afternoon. For this, I must take some of the blame, but only part of it.

I had stopped by the store to make my twice weekly purchase of a few lottery tickets. I am by no means obsessed with winning “the big one”, but I will throw a couple of dollars down.

It was after my purchase that I started talking with the clerk, a friend named Sean, about some of the local goings on and, of course, the ongoing political campaign season. It was while we were discussing the recent slam of Ann Romney by Hillary Rosen that we started talking about how family was supposed to be off limits during a campaign, and at one point brought up the travesty of the character assassination of Sarah Palin's kids. It was at this point one of the local unthinking political morons walked in, already looking angry at the world, and then started chiming in that “Palin's kids deserved it because she's an idiot!” He then went on, ranting about how the HBO movie proved she was an idiot, a liar, and mentally ill.

It went down hill from there.

I won't go into too much detail, but as this guy yelled, screamed, and shouted obscenities in front of a couple of the local kids in the store, it became ever more apparent that this guy hadn't had an original thought in years. Everything political comment coming out of his mouth was right off the DNC's talking points memo. It was verbatim, every slur, every slanderous utterance, every libelous thing ever printed about Sarah Palin, the GOP, and how Obama was our savior. As he went on he got angrier and louder. He didn't want to know the facts, couldn't be bothered by evidence, didn't care what was true, he just wanted to tell the world that he and his DNC puppet masters were right and everyone else was wrong.

As he was leaving, he turned in the door and said something along the lines of “You better watch your ass because Romney will lose by 30 points and then we'll see who's controlling things!” At that point he finally left, probably to have his empty cranium refilled with the invective and rage that is mistaken by the Left for 'debate' these days.

As the door swung closed, Sean made a rather astute observation.

“If 'his' party is going to win, then why is he so angry? He was acting more like a sore loser.” (I have to explain that Sean is a Democrat, but as he's said more than once he's thinking about changing that because, to paraphrase Reagan, “I'm not leaving the Democrat Party. It's leaving me.”)

Unfortunately I have come across more than a few Obamabots just like this jerk, all emotion, all pre-programmed 'talking points', and all higher brain functions disabled so they won't have to think for themselves.