Thoughts On A Sunday

It's been more firewood stacking here at The Manse.

Farmer Andy delivered another cord of wood yesterday afternoon, meaning we had two cords to stack in the garage today. That leaves one more to be delivered, probably next weekend.

If nothing else we'll have enough to keep us warm until next April.


Last night was the final performance of our local high school's rendition of Sound Of Music.

I know BeezleBub is glad it's over, with the only thing left to do is strike the sets and clean up the detritus of this fall's performances.

Next weekend he gets back to work at the farm..at least until the spring drama program starts.


It's no surprise to me that Connecticut is what the Institute For Truth in Accounting calls a “financial sinkhole.”

It's like Governor Malloy is taking pages out of the California Financial Meltdown Playbook and upping the ante to make sure the Nutmeg State/Constitution State (when I grew up it was the “Nutmeg State”) follows down the same path to increasingly unsustainable tax burdens and state spending, particularly when it comes to public employee salaries and benefits.

The WP Parents abandoned our family beach house - their retirement home - 7 years ago when it became too expensive to stay there, between the growing income and sales taxes, and exploding property taxes. It's only gotten worse since then.

While my home state of New Hampshire is fairing much better, there have been times over the past few years when it looked like it was going to go down that same sinkhole. Fortunately sanity returned (for the most part) and the state has been working hard to put its financial house in order.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


It seems wind turbines aren't all they're cracked up to be. Why else would there be over 14,000 abandoned turbines in the US alone? Once the subsidies run out or the turbines need heavy duty maintenance they're either shut down, cannibalized to repair other turbines, dismantled, or abandoned as is.

The costs of these things is far too high for them to be a viable alternative to existing 'old fashioned' energy technologies, and artificially raising the costs of existing energy sources will not promote the use or construction of these unreliable and expensive sources, particularly since they cannot be counted on to carry base load electricity demands.

I see no problems with smaller wind turbines of the types used to help power individual residences, but the power of scale doesn't seem to apply very well to wind farms.

(H/T also Maggie's Farm)


It's bad enough the Eurocrats in Brussels have been mishandling the dire economic issues facing the Eurozone, they've also been meddling in internal British affairs, demanding that Britain let in more migrants from around the world.

Who the hell do these ass-hats think they are? Oh, yeah. I forgot. These unelected pseudo-intellectuals believe they know better than the British government and have decide they'll make them submit to their better judgment.

Is it any wonder more within the UK are demanding a referendum about their membership in the ever more heavyhanded EU?


As if we need any more proof the EU is doomed let's add this to the list of stupid edicts, rules, and regulations strangling the Eurozone economy: EU bureaucrats forbid claim that water prevents dehydration.

The UK may be able to save itself if it divorces itself from the EU, but the rest of the EU is doomed if it puts up with this nonsense.


I wish these guys would make up their minds.

Cap'n Teach shows us that the so-called Warmists are now claiming that AGW will cause fewer hurricanes to hit the US, just the opposite of claims they were making just a couple of short years ago.

It's still all conjecture based upon a very short time line and computer models so defective they can't even predict the past.


As Mike over at Cold Fury laments, “The Constitution – nice while it lasted.”

Mike is concerned that the latest decision by the U.S Court of Appeals in the D.C Circuit to uphold the ObamaCare mandate requiring citizens to purchase health insurance may seriously affect the US Supreme Court once it hears the case. It appears to me the three judge panel at the Court of Appeals has decided the Constitution no longer applies and that the federal government can no run roughshod over the states and the American citizen. This does not bode well for any of us.


No Patriots game today. Rather they'll be playing Kansas City Monday night.

We'll see if they've got things figured out.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather has been gorgeous, the tourists have been gone, and where preparations for Thanksgiving are proceeding apace.