Bagheera The Magnificent: 1999-2011

It is with heavy heart that I must announce the passing of Bagheera The Magnificent. He died late this morning in the arms of my wife Deb.

He was an opinionated, stubborn cat, a leader of the feline members of the Weekend Pundit Household. He was also an occasional contributor to this blog, covering topics of import...to him.

As snooty as he was, he was also a great companion, a comfort during troubling times, and generally an all around “Gu' Boy”. He helped Deb raise BeezleBub from the age of 5. He managed to decimate the chipmunk and mouse population around The Manse over the past 6 years. He lulled us to sleep with his purring, curling himself around the tops of our heads like a cat hat as we fell asleep. He would dry BeezleBub's hair after his bath because “he couldn't do it hisself!” He tolerated the other felines in the house, but personally I think he liked having the others around if for no other reason than to show his magnificence by comparison.

It's never easy losing a member of the family, even if they have four feet and fur. Bagheera was a sweet lovable cat, his curmudgeonly online persona notwithstanding.

Sleep well, old friend. May your supper dish always be full and your bed filled with catnip, Big Kitty.