Loughner Insane, Not Political

While I stopped watching CBS 60 Minutes quite some time ago, I made an exception for the piece linked below.

While the Left immediately went into attack mode against the Right shortly after the Tucson shootings, blaming everyone from the Tea parties, Rush Limbaugh. Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin as the instigators of Jared Loughner's deadly rampage, far cooler heads knew that no such link existed. They knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Loughner's actions were those of a madman and not those of a political assassin.

Who are 'they'?

The United States Secret Service.

According to studies performed at the behest of the Secret Service, assassins like Loughner kill or attempt to kill not because of politics, but from some twisted perception that by killing the subject of their obsession – which their victim is – their problems will be solved.

Their descent into madness follows a specific pattern, one that Loughner fit perfectly.

Not that this revelation will stop the Left from pinning the blame on everyone but the shooter, but it lets everyone else know Loughner was a psychotic paranoid with delusions of persecution.