Another View Of Tucson

It seems guest blogger Bill has some thoughts about the shootings in Tucson.

The shootings in Tucson have given me yet another reason to be very angry. Not because an obviously unhinged nut job got his hands on a gun and took a further step into his dementia. Not because there appear to have been warning signs across the board and no one in a position of responsibility acted as though they did. Not even for the fact that a Memorial that is singularly meant to be a reflection on those that have died and the lives they led was turned into political ideological masturbation. What is angering to me, is how the Congress reacted.

Violence of more egregious intent and scale occurs regularly in America, yet nothing is heard from Congress but crickets. How many large scale shootings, in Arizona to boot, have occurred as part of drug gang posturing just in the last few months? No, that's OK, that’s to be accepted as “one of those things” and disregarded accordingly.

So what’s the difference? What has really gotten these people so animated?

Someone dared pierce the veil of Politician's Insulation.

I’d love to be proven wrong, that Congress's dramatic reactions are little more than the gut reflex to the simple realization that they are actually part of the real world the rest of us little people live in every day. Only because this happened to one of their own do they act and react as they have. And what is that reaction? Attempting to pass laws punishing everyday Americans, in turn increasing the gap between Representatives and the singular source of their power. Among the many parts of this whole event that are deeply disappointing is the reinforcement of the reality of Political Elitism, something anathema to genuine Americanism.