Thoughts On A Sunday

One of the first things on our To Do list today (after breakfast, of course) was re-arranging the living room and dining room in The Manse. This has been the third configuration since we moved in to The Manse five and half years ago.

The previous iteration had us swapping the living room and room locations, something that seemed to work a bit, but there were definitely downsides to the arrangement. Now we're back to the original arrangement, sort of, with the dining room back towards the rear of The Manse and the living room in the front. The one difference – we've reversed the original set up in the living room so the Official Weekend Pundit Entertainment Center is across from the the Official Weekend Pundit Woodstove rather than beside it, kinda.

I know the feline members of the household have made known their displeasure by disappearing while we cleaned and moved and rearranged the furnishings. I don't know if they're perturbed by the actual change or because we didn't consult them first.


It appears Bogie's been busy with work around the Bogie Estates.

She also had the good fortune to make the Roger Waters concert in Hartford, Connecticut. (If you're unfamiliar with Roger Waters, he was formerly with Pink Floyd and wrote most of the music and lyrics for The Wall.)


If we need an example of how multiculturalism ultimately fails, all we have to do is look at Germany. At least the Germans admit it has failed and are no longer willing to put up with that touchy-feelie politically correct crap.

If we need any further examples, they abound: France, Great Britain, and the Netherlands come to mind.

Hopefully the same multi-culti crap will die a much deserved death here in the US as we can see it doesn't work here either.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


Despite claims to the contrary, it appears the DCCC is abandoning incumbent Congressional Democrats in districts they see as lost in order to focus their efforts (and funds) on districts where they believe they are either a lock or stand a good chance of winning.

That ought to give comfort to those Democrats cut loose by their national party.

(H/T Pirate's Cove)


It appears that a number of the people at tending Obama's MTV interview event were actors hired to fill seats and ask questions.

Turns out all the audience members who asked questions were actually actors who auditioned for their “roles” in the charade. They had to submit their questions at the audition so Obungler would know what they were going to ask and how to answer them, and they also had to state their political views, proving, yet again, that the dolt cannot do anything if it isn’t scripted or can’t be read off a TelePrompTer.

Talk about astroturf!


Do you like to make friends and influence people? Then this isn't how you do it.

I'm sure anyone can influence advertisers by threatening them. Yeah, that always works.


And that's the (abbreviated) news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the foliage colors have reached peak, the leaf peepers likewise, and where boats are quickly disappearing from the lake.