Party Unity Is Fracturing Across The Nation

With this election season we're seeing a real shift in voter perceptions about government, and particularly the one in Washington. Both Democrats and Republicans are coming under public scrutiny to a level never seen before. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Internet has made it impossible for Congressional shenanigans to be hidden from the American people and that continuous exposure has made the people distrustful of anyone or anything in Washington.

This exposure has done more than just make the people distrustful, it has had the same effect on the two major parties, with the Democrats taking the brunt of it.

Everyone talks about the tensions between the Republican establishment, such as it is, and the tea-party-leaning parts of its base. But are you looking at what's happening with the Democrats? Tensions between President Obama and his supporters tore into the open this week as never before, signifying a real and developing fracturing of his party.


There is a war beginning in the Democratic Party, and the president has lost control of his base.

The Democratic Party right now is showing signs of coming apart under the pressure of the election and two years of an unpopular presidency. But it's not a split in two, with the left versus the establishment. It's more like a splintering, with left-leaning activists distancing themselves from the party's politicians, and moderate politicians distancing themselves from Mr. Obama.

And part of what's driving it is what is driving the evolution of the Republican Party. The Internet changed everything. Everyone has facts now, knows who voted how and why. New thought leaders spring up and lead in new directions. Total transparency leads to party fracturing. Information dings unity. We are in new territory.

Obama wanted transparency in government, but somehow I doubt this is what he had in mind. Every back-door deal is being exposed. Every piece-of-crap bill is being gone over with a fine toothed comb and being shown for the destructive legislation it is. Every budget item is scrutinized and every tax increase lambasted for the theft it is. Every legislative failure is analyzed to death and every 'victory' is shredded in the court of public opinion.

About the only thing that isn't transparent are the behind the scenes machinations of the Obama Administration and the congressional Democrats, something The One promised wouldn't happen on his watch.

There's no need to guess why the American public is pissed off and why the Democrat Party is starting to come apart at the seams. Not that the GOP is much better.

The contest between the GOP establishment, the RINOs, and the new breed of fiscal conservatives known as the Tea party has caused fractures within the Republican party as well. While those fractures don't appear to be as wide or as numerous as those seen in the Democrat Party, they're still there and have given pause to the GOP leadership at the state and national level. Candidates, particularly those seen as RINOs, like Mike Castle in Delaware and Charlie Crist in Florida, have been soundly trounced by Tea party backed candidates. The GOP leadership hasn't yet realized that business as usual won't fly this time around. Until they do they will see their hand-picked candidates fall to fiscally conservative outsiders tired of seeing the GOP act more like the Democrat Party Lite.

What will come of this fracturing within both parties? Will we see one party wither away to be replaced with another because it cannot adapt to changes made by the American people? Will the power of one party be so weakened due to internal divisions that it will become a long term minority party?

Only time will answer these questions.