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BeezleBub has spent far more time than I have working to get the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout – aka The Boat – ready to launch. With only a few more tasks to complete such as vacuuming and cleaning the cockpit carpet, cleaning the mildew from the cushions, rewiring some of the accessories to upgrade the capacity, and renewing the registration the boat, it will be ready to go before next weekend.


No one has been making a bet about how the upcoming summer season will play out up here on Lake Winnipesaukee. Last year business was down a small amount, but lake traffic was down quite noticeably due to gas prices reaching around $5 per gallon at the marinas.

With gas prices at half what they were last summer, it's anyone's guess how much boat traffic there will be this year, keeping in mind the recession. Last summer there were a number of slips that went unrented, something unheard of in this area. This year the slip rentals are lagging, but apparently not as much as last year. The same is true of cottage and campground rentals and resort reservations.

One positive indicator of the pending summer season is the number of vendor permits being issued by the city of Laconia for next month's Bike Week. So far permits are running about 30% ahead of last year, a good sign.


Yesterday I participated in an on-the-air New Hampshire blogger's forum on Meet The New Press (podcast can be found here), a weekly radio program hosted by the folks at GraniteGrok. The forum continued after the show after moving down to our little town's town hall. Conservative political activism is not dead in the Granite State!


One participant I met was Lori Ingham of ConChrist. She's a former print journalist that is now busy raising a family. She's turned her talents to blogging which, as she says, gives her a bit more freedom than when she was working for one of the local papers because she doesn't have to limit the size of her reports. She was one of two conservative reporters on the staff of the newspaper. The other has moved on to bigger and better things (as has Lori, in my opinion).

Swing on by to ConChrist and give it a read.


Speaking of Lori, she asks: “Now Obama wants to inject himself into state politics as well?”

This does not bode well for us.


Do you really think the cost of government-run health care is free? Think again.

While you may not have to pay directly out of you pocket for that 'free' health care, you may find the reason it's free is because a government bureaucrat will decide you're to expensive to treat and therefore will be denied medical care. In effect, they'll be saying “It's less expensive to let you suffer/become invalided/die than to cure what ails you.” If you somehow believe it won't come to that, all one needs to do is look to the UK's National Health Service or Canada's similar health care system, because that's exactly what's happening there. The folks in those two nations believed the same thing.

They were wrong.

Doing the same thing here may save money, but it will be at the expense of denying treatment to people desperately needing it. President Obama has already stated the only way to cut costs is to cut coverage. That will be particularly true of the elderly, where far too many bureaucrats already see our senior citizens as a drain on our society and its resources (even if it isn't true).

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


I am in full agreement with this: Political Correctness must die.

This is something I've been advocating for years (scroll down to the June 14th post).


Bogie is getting tired hearing how lucky she is to have a “fast metabolism”. As she says, remaining 'skinny' (meaning having normal weight rather than being overweight) takes a lot of work and eating right.


In the matter of Pelosi v. the CIA, I'm more inclined to believe the CIA.


Bruce has a great idea to solve the revenue problem dogging the People's Republic of Taxachusetts:

A 'Suckers and Morons' tax.

They'd be able to collect so much revenue they'll never have to worry again!

Yeah. Right.


Victor Davis Hansen looks back on the disaster of the first 100 days of the President Palin's administration.

(H/T Pun Salad)


Will a proposed piece of legislation become yet another example of the Law of Unintended Consequences coming into play?

The Health Families Act would guarantee 7 paid sick days a year for employees of any business with 15 or more employees.

The unintended consequences? As Raven writes, “My employer offers 12 now and it’s being rumored that if this law goes into effect, they will cut it back to what is…mandated. GREAT. Thanks liberals. I guess this is part of sharing the burden eh?”

I've found that far too often the liberals in Congress don't concern themselves with such things...unless it gains them some political advantage, real or perceived.


If this is any indication, our younger citizens have an interesting, accurate viewpoint about technology they've grown up with, understanding it can be a timewaster, keeping them from sleeping, doing homework, or socializing face-to-face, amongst other things.

On the other hand they've always known laptops, the Internet, smart phones, instant messaging, and a host of other technologies that didn't exist when we were growing up. They take these things for granted. Many of the rest if us still have a sense of wonder about the things we use (or in my case, helped create).


Now the Obama Administration is out to screw the Navajo Nation.

As if they haven't received enough grief from the US Government already.


Obama is carrying on playing the blame game as laid out by Saul Alinsky's Rules for radicals, blaming the previous administration for everything that's happened since he's taken office.


Is Obama voting 'present' now that he's settled in to the Oval Office?

Jonah Goldberg certainly thinks so. He'll get no argument from me on that.


The guy's been in Congress for 40 years and he's just now “getting started”?

Say what?

Maybe it's time to send him home.


From Pirate's Cove comes this great image:

I'd buy it!


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where lake traffic is up, our boat is almost ready, and where we're waiting for the summerfolk to get their summer places ready.

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