That's Trillion, With A 'T'

When I saw the headline, I almost did a double-take. But I realized that it should not have been surprising at all. After all, why wouldn't Obama's first economy-busting budget have a $1.8 trillion deficit?

For those of you out there that are Economics 101 deprived (or are incapable of reading a balance sheet), the projected deficit for the first year is 150% above all of George W. Bush's deficits (6 years worth) combined. Does anyone one on the Left care to explain how Obama's creation of a single year deficit of almost $2 trillion (with a follow on $1.3 trillion deficit next year) is somehow more fiscally responsible than George Bush's now minuscule-by-comparison deficits?

Anyone? Anyone? No?

I thought not.

Again it appears the Left still believes the money to finance this incomprehensibly huge debt will appear by magic. Certainly the Chinese won't buy into it. Neither will anyone else. And we already know the rich don't have enough to pay for it even if Obama took every penny they make (the funds collected would barely cover a fifth of the total deficit). That means he'll go after the businesses that employ us, and then he'll come after us. And still it won't be enough to pay for all of the Left's dystopian programs.

Atlas Shrugged indeed.

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