Maryland Drug Raid Shows Poor Police Procedures And Lack Of Judgment

I can understand when the police make a mistake when it comes to raids, but this one beggers the imagination.

Not only did the Prince George's County Police Department neglect to do any investigation about the home they were about to raid, they failed to identify themselves when they broke in the doors of the home they raided, were dressed in plain clothes, and since they failed to notify the local police department of their raid as they were supposed to could have easily ended up being shot by officers from that department. On top of that, the house they raided was the home of the mayor of the town where the raid took place. The Sheriff's department officers also shot and killed the mayor's two black Labs because they “felt threatened” by the dogs as they were running away from the raiders.

The lack of planning, minimal to non-existent investigation, violation of the conditions of the search warrant (no-knock warrants are not allowed in Maryland), and poor judgment during the raid has prompted an investigation of the County Police Department by the FBI.

So far no one from the County Police Department has offered an apology to the mayor, his mother-in-law, or the mayor's family for their error in judgment.

I have a feeling there will soon be a top to bottom change in the Prince George's County Police Department by the time all of this comes to an end. I also have a feeling a few law enforcement officers may soon find themselves in court, either criminal or civil.

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