Will Lawsuit Bring Digital TV To A Halt In The US?

Is it possible the transition to digital television in the US will be halted due to a lawsuit filed by a consumer electronics manufacturer?

Samsung, one of many makers of television sets and other consumer electronics claims, a number of their patents have been infringed indirectly by the Advanced Television Systems Committee, or ATSC, in the United States. I find it interesting, considering Samsung's patents are part of the patent pool incorporated into the America digital TV standard, meaning Samsung was part of the consortium that helped develop the ATSC standard.

Seems like it's a little late to say “We've changed our minds!”

Samsung's suit is directed towards Polaroid Corporation and Westinghouse Digital Electronics.

Should they succeed, it could mean that the digital TV transition could be stopped cold, leaving millions of consumers as well as broadcasters stuck in the middle.

Frankly, the timing of the suit seems a little suspicious to me.

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