If Your Going To Borrow Ideas, At Least Borrow Good Ones

As I've mentioned before, some of Barack Obama's ideas seem to have been borrowed from the LBJ play book. But it's worse than that, with some of his ideas appearing to have been borrowed from Argentina. What makes this bad is that those ideas turned that country into an economic train wreck.

As the presidential campaign drones on, Barack Obama and the Democrats are fleshing out the promise of "change" with some specific, big-government policy proposals. Many are familiar, perhaps because they already have been tried – in Argentina.

That country has gone from South American breadbasket to world-class basket case.

It doesn't appear to bother Obama or the Dems one bit as they continue to lay a path that will lead a return to bad economic times reminiscent of the Carter Administration. The campaign promising “change” isn't telling you that it will be a change from good economic times to those of a deep recession, high taxes, rising unemployment, and economic disincentives not seen since Jimmy Carter was in the White House. It's kind of like someone slapping you in the face again and again, telling you it's a change that's good for you even though you were just fine before they started punishing you.

I think you'll see the a good portion of American people presently supporting Barack Obama, or those thinking of doing so, will wake up to the reality of what his ideas represent and back away in horror, knowing he will do his darnedest to make this nation an economic basket case. What's worse, he'll do so believing he's actually doing the right thing.

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