Thoughts On A Sunday

I started today's post quite late in the day, which is unusual for me. But I have a good excuse.

BeezleBub, one of his friends, and I made a trip to the WP In-Laws to pick up a truckload of firewood to fuel the Official Weekend Pundit Woodstove. We borrowed Submarine Tim's 1952 GMC 6x6 deuce-and-a-half, aka 'Clifford' to make the trip. Clifford allowed us to bring a little over 23/4 cords of wood in one trip. The only downside is that Clifford rides like a truck. During our fall trip it isn't a problem. But our trip today was fraught with peril, caused by the poor conditions of the roads.

This winter has been particularly harsh on the roads, leaving far too many of them resembling washboards. Now add a large truck with a heavy suspension.

Our trip was exhausting. Loading Clifford with firewood was the relaxing part. We got back a little after 6PM, realized we were too darned tired to unload the firewood, and decided to call it a day.

Note to self: next time make two firewood trips in the fall!


Is this stupid, or what?

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


This story shows that sometimes the little things mean the most to those you least expect to appreciate them.


Before I forget, I should mention I've started a second blog, one devoted to issues concerning my home town and home state of New Hampshire. While I could cover a lot of those things here on Weekend Pundit, it seemed a separate venue made more sense. I know 99.999% of the readers of Weekend Pundit will have absolutely no interest in the blog whatsoever. That's quite alright with me. It's that 0.001% that might find some value from anything that appears there (all one of you).

On occasion I expect to cross post to both blogs should the topic warrant such an action.


And that's the much abbreviated news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where town elections and/or town meetings will be taking place, the rains have diminished some of the snow on the ground, and where our wood pile has been replenished.

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