The Roads Of Danger

Spring has arrived, and with it the ever dreaded frost heaves.

For those of you not familiar with the term, frost heaves are not something that happens when you drink too much of an ice cold beverage. They are ridges, bumps, and sinks that form on roads due the freeze-thaw-freeze cycle of water that seeps under the pavement. It is something we in the northern climes deal with every year. Sometimes frost heaves are few and far between if it's been a mild winter. During bad winters they appear every foot or so along every paved road. This year is one of those bad years.

What makes it worse is most of the repairs the roads require can't be performed until later in the spring when the snow and ice is gone. Until then we will have to suffer the bumps, bangs, and thumps of the torn roads, putting our vehicle suspensions and the fillings in our teeth in peril with every mile.

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