Thompson Is Sounding Like A Candidate

Though Fred Thompson hasn't announced his intentions in regards to a Presidential run, he's certainly sounding more like a candidate every day.

In an interview with John Fund, Thompson was sounding mighty presidential to me.

...Mr. Thompson appears serene about all the speculation swirling around him. "Those running are all good guys, and would be good presidents," he says leaning back in a recliner. "But there are truly vital issues--from the looming entitlement crisis to nuclear proliferation--I'm not afraid to talk about. Lots of people have such a low regard for politicians that they're open to a campaign that would be completely different."

So how would a possible Thompson campaign be distinctive? "Politics is now one big 24-hour news cycle, but we seem to spend less time than ever on real substance," he muses. "What if someone harnessed the Internet and other technologies and insisted in talking about real issues in more depth than consultants would advise? What if they took risks with their race in hopes that the risks to our children could be reduced through building a mandate for good policy?"

I think at this point almost anything different would be attractive, with so many voters in both parties having become rather cynical. If Thompson can pull it off and dig deeply into the issues, I'd say he's got a decent shot at it. It's a shame that the Democrats don't have someone as equally compelling as Thompson. It would make for a great race.

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