New Hampshire Governor's Term To Remain Two Years

New Hampshire, like Vermont, have a the distinction of being the only states where their governor serves a two-year term. Recently the New Hampshire House decided that was a good thing.

There were a number of Democrats in the House that thought four years would be a better idea, but the statewide newspaper asked in an editorial, “How did you like years three and four of the [Craig] Benson administration?”

Trick question. Republican Craig Benson was governor for only two years. What would have been years three and four of the Benson administration were actually years one and two of the Lynch administration. That's because New Hampshire has two-year terms for governor.

While former Governor Craig Benson had some interesting ideas worth considering and/or implementing, his administrative style was disastrous, sowing discontent and acrimony across political lines. Any chance he had of getting his ideas put into use were killed by his less than accommodating management style. He found out that what works in the boardroom of a multi-million dollar corporation doesn't work in the corner office of the State House. Even as a supporter of Benson I have to admit that it was a good thing that we only had to deal with him for two years.

Two year terms have served the people of New Hampshire well. I see no reason to change it unless it becomes a problem and, as far as I can tell, there is no problem. I've never liked changing things just because someone feels there should be one. Give me a good reason and I'll be all for it. Otherwise, leave it be.

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