When Is Sexism Not Sexism?

This must be John Stossel Day as I have two of Stossel's columns to link to and comment about.

Stossel writes about the EEOC and how ridiculous it has become in its pursuit of employment equality.

You've probably heard of Hooters -- the restaurant chain known for attracting male customers by hiring waitresses who are well-endowed and dressed to show it.

The firm now employs more than 30,000 people. Some would consider this a success story, but our government didn't. Not because Hooters is using sex to sell -- but because its waitresses are -- get ready -- women!

"Discrimination!" cried the federal government's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

It only goes down hill from there.

I can understand the EEOC wanting to ensure that there is no discrimination being perpetrated by employers, but this is friggin' ridiculous. It is not unlike the EEOC to find that some business somewhere hasn't hired enough minorities in an area where minorities are in short supply. What does a business do under such circumstances? Do they import them from someplace else?

Can such a scenario happen? Knowing how the EEOC works, I'd be surprised if it hasn't already happened somewhere in the US.

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