Thoughts On A Sunday

Alas, it is the last day of our vacation. Both Deb and I return to the weekly grind tomorrow morning.

It was a great week to take off, the weather being cooperative and all. We spent a lot of time on the lake or at the town beach, with one day trip up north in the middle of the week.

It gives me the hankerin' to take another week or three off.


Jay Tea has the right of it in regards to Lil' Kim and the rest of his North Korean coterie.

They may or may not have nukes. They may or may not get their long range missile to work. They may or may not mate the two together. They may or may not make the mistake of firing one or more at the US or one of our allies.

Should the last occur, Lil' Kim and his buddies will learn what nuclear war is all about.

It may be time to remind him of a few facts that might have an untoward effect on his beliefs:
1) The nation he is threatening is the one that invented nuclear weapons.
2) It is also the only nation to ever use those weapons in anger.
3) He has, at most, a handful of nuclear weapons, and we are a very, very big nation.
4) We have a hell of a lot more of them, the ability to deliver them to any spot in the world, and he has a very small nation.
5) Our national resolve is largely dependent on the occupant of the White House.
6) The current occupant of the White House has already invaded and overthrown two governments who pissed us off.

So endeth the lesson.


You know that the environmentalists are losing it when they start protesting against projects that are eco-friendly and don't add to green house gases. So many of them are all for wind power, yet once someone proposes to actually build wind farms, they decide that maybe wind power isn't such a great thing after all.

Sometimes you can't win for losing. It seems that no matter what type of alternative and “eco-friendly” kind of energy technology that people are trying to invest in and deploy, there's some tree-hugger out there that decries it as damaging, against nature, and so on ad nauseum.


While we were partaking of breakfast at the Paugus Diner this morning, I had the chance to listen to two young women who were obviously visitors to the area comment about what they'd seen while they've been here. Unlike some of the more condescending “summah people” I've written about in the past, these ladies actually liked what they saw and experienced during their stay. The only complaint I heard them make was that they couldn't stay longer.

These are the type of summer folk we like to see here. I hope they'll come back soon.


I don't know about you, but I haven't paid much attention to the World Cup since the US was eliminated. Not that I'm much of a soccer fan, but I do watch some of the World Cup matches every four years. After all, it's only fair. How many throughout the world watch the SuperBowl every year?

BTW, Italy defeated France in the final, 5-3.


Jeff Goldstein's Protein Wisdom has been hit yet again with a Denial Of Service attack.

Man, I tell you, some of the more extreme left whackos have really lost it this time.


The latest blogroll update for WP will be posted tomorrow. There are a number of changes, many of them blogs that have ceased operation or disappeared altogether.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer fun is in full swing, the tourists are spending their money, and where I...have...to...go...back...to...work...tomorrow. sigh

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