Warming With Wood

It was a busy day for yours truly despite being a day off from work.

We had out first delivery of cordwood early this afternoon and that meant moving and stacking two cords inside our garage. With the help of a friend it took us just a little under 3 and a half hours from start to finish, probably the shortest time it's ever taken to move and stack that amount of wood. Despite the cool temperatures and the on-again off-again breeze we were down to our tee-shirts shortly after starting, proving the old adage that fire wood warms you twice.

The two cords should carry us until the end of January which is why we have two more cords scheduled for delivery before then and I hope we'll be able to get it moved and stacked just as quickly.


Another Palate Cleanser

I've liked the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln MKC ad. Understated, quiet, and thoughtful. However that doesn't make it immune to parody, and Jim Carrey did a masterful job spoofing it on SNL last week.


Obama's "Successes"

It appears my local paper is providing yet another bit of fisking fodder. In this case this fellow thinks Obama has been a successful President and he lists his accomplishments. I responded to his letter with one of my own, but limited it to addressing only a few of his points. I have responded to all of his points in this post.

I find it interesting that you list all of President Obama's 'successes' while failing to also tell us just how these successes were anything but. Since you didn't feel the need to do so, I figured I would address them myself.

He saved our automobile industry from collapse. No, he did not. He unconstitutionally interfered in the bankruptcy process of both GM and Chrysler. Both companies would have survived Chapter 11 and come out it in a better position to thrive. But by his interference he cost taxpayers billions we will never get back. He handed over large portion of GM to the UAW, stiffing the bondholders in the process. It was the over-the-top union contracts that helped drive GM into bankruptcy and Obama rewarded them by ripping off the bondholders – mostly mutual funds held owned by retirement and pension funds.

He has practically eliminated our dependence on foreign oil. I'm sorry Patrick, but this happened in spite of Obama. He's tried everything to quash development of our expanding oil and natural gas reserves. He closed federal lands to oil and gas exploration. He's also made it more expensive to move that oil by using every delaying tactic to prevent construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

He oversaw the restructuring of our banking system. Really? You mean the piece-of-crap Dodd-Frank legislation that has ended up causing far more problems than it was supposed to solve?

He has helped to bring our unemployment down from over 10 percent to under 6 percent. Umm, no. The actual unemployment rate – the so-called U6 rate - is still above 12 percent. The unemployment figures you're touting as a success merely signify that the number of people collecting unemployment has dropped. That doesn't mean they're employed. It means their unemployment benefits have been exhausted and when they happens they drop off the unemployment roles. We now have a labor participation rate that hasn't been this low in over 4 decades.

He has slowed the flow of American jobs away from the U.S. Not from what I can see. Most of the exodus has stopped not because of any policies implemented by Obama, but in spite of them. As our energy costs have fallen due to our expanded oil and gas production and wages overseas have gone up, the off-shoring trend has reversed and on-shoring is taking place, though at a low rate. If the President was serious about creating more jobs here in the US he would be working to do away with the onerous corporate income tax that has kept trillions of dollars in corporate earnings that have already been taxed from being repatriated. (We are the only nation that taxes overseas earnings that have already been taxed where they were earned, and doing so at a confiscatory rate of 35%. The US has the highest corporate taxes in the world. Much of those taxes on domestic earnings are paid not by the corporations but by us in the form of higher prices and fees. All the corporations are doing is collecting the for the government, even if indirectly.

He has assisted efforts to make our economy become the leader of the world again. I have no idea where you came up with this canard. With all of the increasingly restrictive business regulations, over-the-top environmental requirements imposed by an agency that has gone so far outside its charter, trying to force increasing energy costs by fiat “for our own good”, and promoting a health care system that is costing everyone more money while at the same time providing less health care, our economy is even now weakening compared to many others. He's strangling the economy, not helping it.

He brought our troops home from Iraq. Yeah he did, but prematurely because he didn't want to be bothered to negotiate a Status Of Forces Agreement with the Iraqi government. Now we're paying the price for that as ISIS is spreading its power like a cancer. If we had remained in Iraq ISIS would have died aborning.

He has reduced our military role in Afghanistan dramatically. Same issue as in Iraq, at least in regards to a resurgent Taliban. Too many like you forget why we went into Afghanistan in the first place: They were shielding and protecting Al Qaeda after the 9/11 attacks, refusing to hand over Osama bin Laden and his followers. They were given an ultimatum and they decided to ignore it, so we allied ourselves with the Northern Alliance, groups of Afghans who had no use for the Taliban and wanted them gone as much as we did.

He has established a system to provide health insurance for millions. Wrong again. Obamacare doesn't provide one more bit of health care to anyone. You've made the mistake so many others have that somehow access to health insurance automatically equates to access to health care. It does not. It has also stripped millions of Americans of health insurance they already had, already liked, and could already afford and replaced it with something that is more expensive, provides less coverage, and in many cases means they can no longer see doctors they've had for years. How can that be considered a success?

He has reduced the unfettered increases in our national debt. Not even close. This president created more debt than all of the other presidents combined. He wasted hundreds of billions of dollars on a stimulus plan that did nothing more than fill the pockets of cronies and political supporters while doing nothing to help the economy. If you think that over $500 billion in deficit spending this past fiscal year is a reduction, then you've forgotten the trillion dollar deficits he created year after year after year. If a trillion dollar deficit is a problem, then a $500 billion deficit is not the solution.

He has built an international coalition to confront ISIL. As compared to the coalitions both George H.W Bush and George W. Bush put together, Obama's is a loose gathering of parties that do not trust each other and have little or no trust in Obama. The president's response to ISIL wouldn't even have been necessary if he hadn't prematurely cut and run from Iraq.

He is leading an international effort to stop Russian aggression. You mean the lukewarm effort that has been nothing more than talk and posturing, with minor 'sanctions' the Russians barely felt? Our huge increase in oil and gas production that has dropped world energy prices has done far more to damage the Russians than anything Obama and his so-called “Smart Diplomacy” have done.

He has improved services and benefits for our military men and women and their families. Not from what I can see.

I could go on and on, but frankly I don't see the point. I have no doubt you will see my take on your list of Obama's successes as nothing but political sour grapes. But I am a student of history, and I know a weak and ineffective leader when I see one, and Obama is that kind of leader. He's not successful by any measure.

'Nuff said.


Thoughts On A Sunday

October is fast fading away as we approach Halloween. The foliage is now fading away from its reds, oranges, and yellows to browns. A majority of trees have shed most of their leaves. We haven't yet had a hard frost, meaning I still have at least one last mow of the lawn to perform before the mower is put away for the winter.

It is indeed fall.


Anyone who has read this blog knows I am a staunch opponent to zero-tolerance polices, particularly at schools. More often than not they end up hurting the innocent and do nothing to stop actual miscreants. As I have stated more than once, such policies are merely a means for school officials to duck out of having actually make a decision. They can all fall back on “But it's policy!” as an excuse.

What brings this up yet again is the case of another student – an honor student with an impeccable record – being expelled from school because she forgot she had her grandfather's pocketknife in her backpack.

The only ones who should be expelled are the school administrators.

When I was a kid and all through school, most boys had a pocketknife. It was considered benign and as much a necessity as clothing. No one thought anything of it.

Yet today, at a time when violent crime of all kinds are down to some of the lowest level in over 100 years, we are treating students like violent criminals for things like pocketknives, keychains with depictions of a firearm, poptarts eaten into a shape vaguely gun-like, and a pen bearing the name of a gun manufacturer. All of these things have led to overreactions by our so-called betters and damaged the reputations of students and the schools themselves.

And to think we trust our children to these deluded people.


Do the Democrats really want to keep telling me it's the Republicans who are waging a War on Women? Not from what I've been seeing, they aren't.

We should remind the Democrats that when they point a finger towards Republicans and accusing them of all kinds of supposed misdeeds, that three of them are pointing back at them.


If corporations and businesses don't create jobs, then who does?

Oh, that's right, I forgot. According to people like Obama and Hillary Clinton, it's either Nanny Government or, possibly, the Jobs Fairy.


Related to the above: Don't tell Mike Rowe that businesses don't create jobs. He'll set you straight.


George Will delves into the nastiest political tactic this year, in this case the “criminalization of politics to silence people occupying just one portion of the political spectrum.”

The so-called “John Doe” investigations and para-military style raids by police officers acting at the behest of openly and blatantly partisan District Attorneys in a small number of Wisconsin counties had but one aim: silence Republicans and supporters of Governor Scott Walker.

These criminals masquerading as officers of the court should be disbarred.


Charles Krauthammer is right: Obama is nothing but a bewildered bystander.

The president is upset. Very upset. Frustrated and angry. Seething about the government’s handling of Ebola, said the front-page headline in the New York Times last Saturday.

There’s only one problem with this pose, so obligingly transcribed for him by the Times. It’s his government. He’s president. Has been for almost six years. Yet Barack Obama reflexively insists on playing the shocked outsider when something goes wrong within his own administration.

As I and many others have opined, Obama likes the perks and prestige of his office, but he really doesn't like to do the work his position requires.


It's rare that I've been able to watch an NFL game on a Sunday morning. The Atlanta Falcons were playing the Detroit Lions at Wembley Stadium in London to a crowd of 85,000 fans.

Knowing how popular the NFL is in the UK, I'm surprised it hasn't fielded and expansion team in London.

Maybe some day.


As the perpetually offended Left both in and out of government must be reminded, support of due process does not equate to support of rape on college campuses.

Between the Dear Colleague letter from the Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Education and the fatally flawed and disingenuous claim that one-in-five college women have been or will be sexually assaulted, as well as vague definitions of what constitutes sexual assault, too many college men have fallen victim to the kangaroo courts instituted by institutions of higher learning and been sanctioned, either suspended or expelled, in some cases with no evidence that such an assault ever took place and being denied the opportunity to mount a defense.

One attorney in New York City, Andrew Miltenberg, has seen this destruction of due process and decided to do something about it.

He’s already filed four lawsuits—against Vassar College, Columbia University, University of Massachusetts Amherst and Drew University—will file several more before month’s end, and is consulting on 20 or so appeals at the college disciplinary level. In each, he is suing the schools for violations of the Title IX gender-parity law of 1972, contractual claims, unfair trade practices, as well as a number of tort claims.

Every single one of the men he’s representing, Mr. Miltenberg argues, has suffered egregious due process violations in closed-door college hearings. (He also believes that his clients are innocent of the charges against them.) And that is how he has found himself in the decidedly impolitic position of not only defending those accused of rape, but also suing on their behalf.

This is just the latest embodiment of what many have come to call witch hunts, something we've seen many times over the past few decades alone where a single case that may have come to light triggers a panic and numerous innocents are accused, tried, and convicted of crimes that never took place.


This isn't surprising to anyone paying attention: the Democrats want to silence Conservative speech. Heaven forbid people who disagree woth them should be allowed to speak against them.

So the saying “inside every tolerant liberal is  a totalitarian waiting to come out” has never rung more true for me than when I saw a little headline on Drudge. It seems that late Friday, a key Democrat on the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) called to regulate Internet campaigns and videos. While this all sounds very “above board” and “reasonable” by their logic, the Republican chairman of the FEC cautioned that instituting these types of regulations on the internet has the potential to affect political blog sites (like this one) and conservative news aggregators like The Drudge Report in addition to regulating free online political ads placed on sites like You Tube.

If they succeed I daresay an underground means of supporting free speech will arise, no different than the samizdat, or underground publications, that existed during the bad old days of the Soviet Union.

(H/T Pirate's Cove)


Climate change: Is there nothing it cannot do?

The latest claim – climate change is responsible for an increase in autism.

And all this time I thought it was caused by vaccines, or so Jenny McCarthy says.


And one more from Cap'n Teach, in this case how unions and liberals are working hard to kill jobs.

Then again, they aren't really for creating jobs. They're about maintaining control over portions of our economy in order to keep funding the Democrats in office that they own.


I haven't checked in with Bogie for a couple of weeks and when I did I found that her faithful canine companion, Prince, passed away last week. I wanted to leave a message of condolences, but apparently the comment app at her blog isn't working.

It's never easy losing a family member, even if they have four feet, fur, and a tail.

As I tried to write in the comments:

I just read this as I haven't checked in for a while. I'm so sorry to hear about Prince. I know there is a Prince-shaped hole in your life. There's little I can add to what has already been said by others. All I can do is add my condolences.


Election day is a little over a week away and I can't wait for it to get here if for no other reason that I won't have to listen to or watch another campaign ad until the New Hampshire Presidential Primary campaign season starts in about a year.

As bad as it's been in the past, it's been far worse this year with the millions of dollars flowing into New Hampshire to pay for attack ads, much of this due to the close race between the Democrat incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen and GOP challenger Scott Brown.

This has to be the 'dirtiest' campaign season I have ever experienced in my five decades as a registered voter. Even the down-ticket ads for the House and governor have been pretty nasty.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where fall has fully settled in, preparations for Halloween are in full swing, and where we're waiting for our first delivery of cord wood.


"Common Core Sucks"

In the latest battle against the insanity that is Common Core, Retro Bakery owner and mom Kari Haskell slams a Common Core math problem that “made her head hurt.”

She posts the math problem and shows the elaborate steps taken to solve simple multiplication while also including the “old” way of doing it. Which way is simpler? It's certainly not the Common Core way. Some of the reactions she received after posting it to Instagram show that everyone else hates it too, including at least one teacher who stated “I can tell you – common core sucks.”



Yet Another Example Of Crony Capitalism Shows Itself

Crony capitalism has always been a problem, both here and in other countries. As much as I would like to think that here in the US that it's primarily a problem involving Democrats, I know that it cuts across all political lines. The latest example of that is the recent singing of a bipartisan bill by Michigan's Republican Governor Rick Snyder that makes it illegal for any automaker to sell vehicles through any outlet other than franchised dealers.

The so-called Anti-Tesla Bill, named after Elon Musk's Tesla Motors, prevents Tesla from selling its cars in Michigan unless the purchase and delivery is made by a dealer. In other words, they have to use the same old tired method all of the other auto companies have used since the dawn of the mass produced car. The problem: the old way of doing things is inefficient, adds cost, and requires middlemen to handle all of the sales. Tesla wants to sell through company owned showrooms, much like Apple sells most of their products. The legacy automakers are using legislation to prevent newcomers from taking a piece of their pie by forcing them into using the old and inefficient method of selling cars. It's a perfect example of crony capitalism. Rather than beating them through competition they beat them through lawmaking.

The Michigan bill, originally focused on franchise-dealership fees, included a last-minute amendment addressing direct-to-consumer auto sales through manufacturer-owned showrooms. That amendment, added by Republican State Senator Joe Hume, was tossed onto the bill at the very last minute, a procedural loophole that meant the amendment never underwent public comment or debate on the State Senate floor. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder just signed the bill into law.

Snyder, also a Republican, is up for re-election in a couple of weeks. If he didn’t sign the bill, he would have likely faced an immediate onslaught of attack ads paid for by Michigan’s auto dealers—something that would not have helped his cause in a race he leads by a slim margin.

“Not content with enshrining their ability to charge consumers dubious fees, on the last day of the legislative session, the dealers managed to make a last-minute change to the bill in an attempt to cement their broader retail monopoly,” Tesla said in a statement. “Using a procedure that prevented legislators and the public at large from knowing what was happening or allowing debate, Senator Joe Hune added new language in an attempt to lock Tesla out of the state.” Tesla’s statement goes on to point out that the Michigan Automobile Dealers Association is one of State Senator Hune's top financial backers.

The auto industry isn't the only businesses trying to prevent new ways of doing things. All one needs to do is look at the tactics of the taxi industry in their efforts to kill competition from companies like Uber and Lyft. Heaven forbid someone comes along that can do the job better, faster, and less expensively than the existing taxi companies. Rather than making changes to compete with the newcomers they're trying to get cities and states to ban these competitors entirely. That alone tells me that any such legislation should not be passed, and if passed, should be vetoed. The taxi companies have no inherent right to continue to exist if competition enters the market and provides better service. If the taxi companies can't evolve in order to stay in business, then they shouldn't stay in business.

These are but two examples of the rent-seeking and crony capitalism that infests government at all levels. Unless we can find a way to do away with it, we will become no better than so many other nations where cronyism runs rampant and cripples economic growth.


Blatant Voter Fraud In Arizona

There's voter fraud, and then there's voter fraud.

We've heard of stuffing ballot boxes, but it's usually done in a back room somewhere. Apparently this jerk in Maricopa County, Arizona either didn't know that or didn't care, doing it in front of a poll monitor and mouthing off at him while doing so.

An Arizona county party official said he saw a man stuffing “hundreds” of ballots into the ballot box and later told a local news outlet the entire incident was caught on surveillance video. 

“A person wearing a Citizens for a Better Arizona T-shirt dropped a large box of hundreds of early ballots on the table and started stuffing the ballot box as I watched in amazement,” said A.J. LaFaro, chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party.

Here's the video of the miscreant committing voter fraud. He's committing a felony. He's also wearing a tee-shirt emblazoned with Citizens for a Better Arizona across its front, an organization that has worked to marginalize Republicans in the state.


Thoughts On A Sunday

The last of the foliage is changing from green to yellow and orange, meaning we're at or just past peak color here on the south side of Lake Winnpesaukee. The on-again/off-again sun and rain certainly made performing yesterday's chore a little problematic, but it didn't stop them from getting finished.

I believe with this on/off weather that the last of the warmer weather is gone and the cooler fall temps will now prevail.

At least we get our first delivery of firewood in a little less than two weeks. It will be about that time I'll start sealing up some of the windows in preparation for winter.


Talk about cognitive dissonance!

After decades of promoting equal rights between the genders, and having de facto achieved it, the radical feminists are now claiming in a backhanded manner that women aren't really equal and never will be because they're too weak to say 'No” to sex.

Really? Almost 100 years of progress towards equality between the sexes and now they're saying, in effect, that women aren't equal and are incapable of being equal.

These crazies have got to get their stories straight.


I agree with Ron Fournier on this one: We don't need an 'Ebola czar'.

All of this should be handled by the President, and if not him, his national security advisers, his cabinet, the CDC and/or FEMA. We don't need yet another unvetted Obama yes-man to further muddy the waters. There is an already established chain of command when dealing with such issues, but it appears that yet again the President doesn't want to deal with the explicit duties of his office. Instead he's doing the equivalent of outsourcing the work to a crony with no security or medical background.

And he wonders why nobody trusts him anymore.


First we have to worry about low information voters. Next, we have to worry about low information media employees, in this case CBS staffer Katy Conrad.

From the Instapundit post linking to this comes the best comment of all: “The sad part of it all is that Dr. Paul is more qualified to talk about ebola than the administration’s ebola czar.”



It appears some of our less mature residents here in the southwestern corner of New Hampshire decided it would be a good idea to party hearty, consume too much alcohol, and then riot.

The annual Keene Pumpkin Festival is usually an excuse for Keene State College students to party, and for the most part things do not get out of hand. This time was different.

While visitors were in the downtown area enjoying the festivities, a few blocks away hundreds of college students turned an otherwise festive event into a violent confrontation with police, hurling rocks and battles at both police and each other.

All it takes is immaturity with an added dash of illicit alcohol and things turn ugly.


The always insightful KC Johnson asks and answers the question “Is Left Losing Its Mind Over Campus Sex?”

Unfortunately the brief answer is “Yes.”

Basically the colleges should tell the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights to “bugger off”, stating as a reason that they will not be a party to the denial of constitutional rights of students accused of vaguely defined sexual assault just because some self-important bureaucrat in Washington is telling they have to.

As we have already seen, an increasing number of colleges and universities are running afoul of the Law of Unintended Consequences, being sued by male students who were expelled or otherwise sanctioned without due process and no recourse for appeal. This will cost those institutions of higher learning millions and further damage their reputations.

(H/T Instapundit)


From direct experience I know this to be true.

According to a Pew Research Center study, Republicans are more informed than Democrats.

What makes this even more interesting is that the Pew Center is a left-leaning organization.


If you think Obama is bad now, wait until after the midterm elections.

Between immigration, increasing health insurance premiums, more health insurance cancellations, naming a new Attorney General, the release of the Army's Bergdahl investigation findings, and telling us jjust how dangerous ebola really is, the President is going to drop a ton of these after election bombs on us and Congress.

(H/T Pirate's Cove)


Considering the black vote is very important to Democrats, the only hope they have of retaining a majority in the Senate, many believe the Democrats will turn the race-baiting rhetoric up to “11”.

I'm not sure, but I think their race card has hit its limit and can no longer be used by the Democrat Party. But that won't stop them from trying to inflame racial tensions, even if it means making stuff up.

One example of that is the latest NYT piece about the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO that has so many holes in it that if it were a boat it would sink right to the bottom. It is an inflammatory piece whose sole purpose is to stir up racial tensions.


Another tactic being used by the Democrats to get out the vote is the now long-in-the-tooth “War on Women” meme. The problem is that very few are buying it, particularly women.

Are women wising up to Democrats? Certainly, they must understand just how bad Obama’s policies have been for them, particularly economically. It’s all nice and good to push the “pay gap”, among others, but like so many other memes Obama and the Democrats push, it has become extremely patronizing, showing a belief that women aren’t competent enough, are too delicate and fragile, are simply hot house flowers who need to be Taken Care Of by government. The rhetoric emanating from Obama and Democrats positions is unempowering for women. The economy under Obama has been less than good for women (well, most Americans).

Women still tend to do most of the shopping and cooking. They see the price rises. They see the buying power of their money decreasing. They have real world concerns. Yet, Obama and the Dems patronize them, and apparently think things like free contraception, sterilization, and abortion are the top issues for women.

The Democrats haven't quite figured out that the facts have overcome their rhetoric and that the very people they're trying to get to vote for them aren't listening anymore.


David Starr has a small bit of advice for those of you out there with built-in webcams on their laptops (this also applies to tablets, phablets, and smart phones: cover the camera with tape when you're not using it.


By way of a rather convoluted series of links starting at Maggie's Farm, the Assistant Village Idiot, and finally to the Wall Street Journal comes this quote from Roger Scruton's new book, HowTo Be A Conservative:

Conservatism starts from a sentiment that all mature people can readily share: the sentiment that good things are easily destroyed, but not easily created. This is especially true of the good things that come to us as collective assets: peace, freedom, law, civility, public spirit, the security of property and family life, in all of which we depend on the cooperation of others while having no means singlehandedly to obtain it. In respect of such things, the work of destruction is quick, easy and exhilarating; the work of creation is slow, laborious and dull. That is one of the lessons of the twentieth century. It is also one reason why conservatives suffer such a disadvantage when it comes to public opinion. Their position is true but boring, that of their opponents exciting but false.

Yup. I'd say that's pretty much spot on. While I don't usually agree with Scruton on many issues, on this particular one I do.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the fall weather has finally arrived in spades, the temperatures are falling, and the last of the boats are being pulled from their summer berths.


The GOP Has Succumbed To The Ideology Of Ayn Rand? Really?

This was my response to a dyed-in-the-wool progressive academician's treatise on how the GOP has succumbed to the ideology of Ayn Rand in a recent edition of our local newspaper.

George, I may just as easily make the case that the Democrat Party as I knew it in my youth has been suborned by the followers of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. The actions taken by Democrats at all levels over the past five or six decades and the deconstruction and rewriting of American history by 'progressive' academics to make it seem that America is the source of all the world's ills is right out of Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto. The push to make everyone except the nomenklatura slaves to The State, to make them less human and nothing more than cogs in an authoritarian state has been slowly coming to fruition. While many of the people who have been working towards this goal won't call themselves Marxists or Communists, or worse, don't even realize that's what they've become, they seem perfectly fine with the idea, not understanding that it once the downfall of America is completed, they will become redundant and will join the ranks of 'cogs'.

Ayn Rand warned of the dangers of this backhanded push towards Karl Marx's 'dream'. She had lived under socialism and saw it for what it was: a jealous, capricious, and psychopathic god who would brook no dissent, did NOT have the best interests of the citizens at heart, and had no problems killing millions to 'cleanse' the land of dissenters. She saw the creeping spread of government control over all aspects of our lives here in the US as a danger and tried to express those dangers in books like The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

All that aside, these are some of things I have learned from direct observation during my decades on this planet:

-Government isn't the answer to all our problems. More often than not, it is the cause.

-Government, particularly at the national level, isn't competent to deal with regional issues.

-Government at the national level has made the mistake of forcing one-size-fits-all solutions to problems that exist in only one area of the nation or in one segment of our society, usually to the detriment of far more people than it's trying to help.

-Government is an inertia laden monster, inefficient, and quite often working at cross-purposes with itself.

-Government at the national and state level becomes beholden to cronies and lobbyists, regardless of the parties in power. The Left always likes to decry the 'influence' of the Koch brothers, but conveniently ignore the even greater influence of George Soros - a convicted felon and self-proclaimed socialist - and Tom Steyer, each who have spent many times the amount of money to push candidates and legislation that benefits them. The Democrats are merely their errand boys. At least the Koch brothers have created thousands of jobs and have supported candidates in both parties. That can't be said for either Soros or Steyer.

-Whenever someone makes the claim “The government simply MUST do 'X'!” it is usually a sign that it's something the government shouldn't do at all, or should at least take the time to look closely at it and then decide some time later if it should do anything at all.

-Government, particularly at the national level, is no more smarter or wiser than the average American. So what makes people, specifically Progressives, think that government is competent enough or wise enough to run anyone else's lives? The people in government have a tough enough time running their own.

-Government, at all levels, usually makes the mistake of ignoring human nature and at times tries to change it. By doing so, it will always fail. Then the Law of Unintended Consequences comes into play, usually to the detriment of the people.

I could go on ad nauseum, but I doubt that any of it would change your mind or entice you to explore your own beliefs, away from like-minded folk who will merely inhibit your ability to question those beliefs and look at them dispassionately and with logic.

So endith the lesson.

NOTE:This response won't appear in the local paper until either Tuesday or Wednesday next.


Gee, Someone At The New Republic Gets It!

In a surprising piece that appeared in The New Republic, a staunchly liberal publication, Judith Shulevitz, a senior editor at TNR has penned a piece that looks at the tidal wave of college sexual assault policies that are denying college students, particularly male college students, due process when it comes to allegations of sexual assault.

Writes Shulevitz:

This August, Columbia University released a new policy for handling “gender-based” misconduct among students. Since April, universities around the country have been rewriting their guidelines after a White House task force urged them to do more to fight sexual assault. I was curious to know what a lawyer outside the university system would make of one of these codes. So I sent the document to Robin Steinberg, a public defender and a feminist.

A few hours later, Steinberg wrote back in alarm. She had read the document with colleagues at the Bronx legal-aid center she runs. They were horrified, she said—not because Columbia still hadn’t sufficiently protected survivors of assault, as some critics charge, but because its procedures revealed a cavalier disregard for the civil rights of people accused of rape, assault, and other gender-based crimes. “We are never sending our boys to college,” she wrote.

Columbia’s safeguards for the accused are better than most. For instance, it allows both accuser and accused to have a lawyer at a hearing, and, if asked, will locate free counsel. By contrast, Harvard, which issued a new code in July, holds investigations but not hearings and does not offer to obtain independent legal assistance. But Steinberg, like most people, hadn’t realized how far the rules governing sexual conduct on campus have strayed from any commonsense understanding of justice.

This isn't the first time someone who should know better finds the rules being put forth due to pressure from the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights violate long established constitutional protections. The college procedures are tantamount to kangaroo courts where the verdict is already known before any formal hearings have taken place and the accused has no right to defend himself, to view any evidence, or question the accuser or any witnesses.

Now that the cognoscenti are becoming aware of the unconstitutional madness that is infesting college campuses across the nation, I have a feeling more of them are going to be rethinking their donations and endowments to their alma mater. I think they will come to believe as I and many others that sending your children to college is tantamount to child abuse.

Will it end the madness? Not any time soon. As long as the Obamabots still fill many of the positions within the various levels of the administration, it will continue. Or worse, someone will end up seriously hurt or dead due to the Dear Colleague letter and the push by the White House to solve a problem that doesn't really exist. College administrators and government officials behind this will need to go to prison before this idiocy ends. Or colleges will have to see enrollment drop off and the tuition funds that go with them disappear before they realize they went along with this witch hunt (that's what it is, after all) and it's going to cost them millions in lost revenues. Heck, some might even have to close their doors. They certainly won't be the first to have done so.