Ignore The Truly Important Stuff At Your Own Peril

Reading the various posts, reports, and opinion pieces about the insanity that calls itself Political Correctness or White Privilege shaming or Microagression or Transgender Bathroom Rights or Virtue Signaling or Crypto-racism or a host of other nonsensical names for issues or grievances that should reside only in the realm of dark fantasy, or worse, chronic self-delusion, one has to wonder just how disconnected from reality the folks who think all of this stuff is important happen to be.

There are issues that are far more important than these made up or trivial 'problems' that are driving people to waste enormous amounts of time, effort, and money to address. It's like some outside force has deranged a portion of our population in order to draw attention away from the things that truly deserve our attention and efforts.

Who cares about the whole bathroom issue when we have mortal enemies looking to bring about our destruction. These same folks have no problems beheading, drowning, burning, or stoning anyone they dislike...and they dislike us a lot.

Who cares about microaggressions and safe spaces when we have a government that does not have the American people's best interests at heart, proven by the illegal and unconstitutional actions it has taken to tighten its control over our legal system, our economy, and everyone who is not “Them”.

Why waste time and effort on political correctness, and particularly politically correct speech that is supposed to offend no one (but offends everyone) when we have forces within this nation working hard to undo two centuries of human progress by making it illegal to use modern high-energy technologies like nuclear power, natural gas plants, and other needed power generation means and force us to use expensive, intermittent, and wholly inadequate technologies in their place all while telling us “It's good for you”...but not for them, of course.

It seems the things people are being told are important, aren't. The things that are truly important we're being told are racist/genderist/white privilege-driven oppression of non-Western cultures that are worse than ours but are held up as superior ours, particularly that of our mortal enemies.

The people wasting time and effort really don't realize or don't care that it is they who would be the first victims if our culture, our civilization collapses as they have been working so hard to cause. (It could be called yet another case of “Be careful what you wish for.”)

No one would be interested in saving them because everyone else would be too busy trying to survive to give a s**t about their issues.

So be it.


More Thoughts On Brexit

In a little less than a month's time, the voters in the UK will be deciding whether or not to leave the EU. There have been all kinds of speculations about the effects should the UK depart. Some have been over the top with predictions that it will lead to World War III. Others have predicted the collapse of the UK economy (something that would also bring down the EU because of the level of goods and services the UK provides).

I have always thought the UK could do quite well should it leave the EU, forming separate trade agreements with many former members of the British Empire, the so-called Commonwealth nations - Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – and maybe even India. This has already been suggested by others, but I think maybe it doesn't go far enough.

As I have mentioned more than once, perhaps it would be better to form a new Free Trade Agreement, a somewhat broader version of NAFTA that removes (or at least greatly reduces) all trade barriers between the signatories. I think that in the long run all of the participating nations would benefit.

So, if the UK leaves the UK, I think we should consider asking the UK to join NAFTA, opening a much broader market for the UK and the present NAFTA members (Canada, Mexico, and the US). I would even go so far as to suggest asking Australia and New Zealand to do likewise. It could create a large and powerful economic bloc while showing the EU that “it ain't all that.”

I won't make the same mistake the EU made by suggesting a unified monetary system. We've already seen how that's played out in the EU. At least the UK didn't make the mistake of abandoning the pound which is why I think it's in better shape than it might have been otherwise.

The EU's loss could be our gain.


Thoughts On A Sunday

It's the weekend before Memorial Day weekend and the activity we've been seeing here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire has been frenetic. A large number of summerfolk have been here getting their cottages and camps squared away for the start of the summer season. Supermarkets, big-box home improvement stores, and boat yards have been busy all weekend at a level not seen since last summer.

Most of the seasonal establishments are open, at least on weekends, and will be open full-time starting next weekend.

The farm stand run by the farm where BeezleBub works saw a spike in business over the weekend as have a number of others around the lakes.

It's shaping up to be a good summer, weather permitting.


With the air travel meltdown caused by the TSA screeners, one has to wonder what real purpose they serve. While most airports had their own air travel security personnel performing screening, that all changed post-9/11 because the government felt it had to “Do Something!” Too bad it was the wrong things.

As I recall, tests of the efficacy of TSA screeners has shown them to be particularly ineffective in preventing banned objects and substances from making it on board aircraft. All the TSA has managed to do is add yet another couple of layers of bureaucracy to security which in turn has made it less responsive, more intrusive, less flexible, and less effective. So why are they still running such an important security function?

It might be better to hand air travel security back to the airports because, if for no other reason, no two airports have the same security requirements or problems. All the TSA is at the moment is an inertia-laden bureaucracy that is eating up billions of taxpayer dollars, yet providing little in return. Maybe it's time to get rid of the TSA.


To paraphrase Glenn Reynolds, “Didn't Paul Krugman used to be an economist or something?”

These days he sounds more like “a 19-year-old cultural-studies major,” particularly in regards to labor economics.



“You will teach only what has been approved by the commissars. No other points of view will be tolerated!”

Sounds like something from the old Soviet Union, right? However, would it surprise you to find that instead is the new policy of the Portland, Oregon school system? Apparently they have banned all climate change skeptic material from be presented in their schools.

They're just like San Francisco, but without the tourist attractions and even less logic or reasoning abilities. Oh, and science need not apply...unless it is the politically correct science approved by the appropriate review committee and signed off by the commissars.


Despite what guilty white liberals have been telling us, it appears that 90% of Native Americans have no problem with the name Washington Redskins, except maybe for the 'Washington' part.

Same here. They should just be called the Redskins.


Is there anything climate change can't do?

The latest claim: Climate change is causing more young girls to be raped.

Other claims I've seen: It causes male pattern baldness, erectile dysfunction, halitosis, kidney stones, gout, below normal birth weight, above normal birth weight, drought and floods at the same time in the same place, tall people, short people, warm winters, cold winters, GM's bankruptcy, a higher divorce rate in Maine, and Dennis Rodman, just to name a few.


Is the Huff Po Editorial Board sexist and racist?

Why, yes, Yes it is. Here's the proof.

'Nuff said.


File this under “No S**t, Sherlock!”

French greens are being told that wind and solar cannot replace French nuclear reactors.

Obviously they don't like the idea.

It's not a matter of politics or ideology, but one of numbers. The numbers show that the 75% of electrical power generated in France by nuclear power can not even come close to being able to be replaced by wind and solar. There just isn't enough available land or energy density to equal the electrical power generated by nukes.


Why is Donald Trump gaining more supporters? Could it be because he hates the press just as much as most Americans and is using that hatred as a campaign strength?


Even Time Magazine realizes that Venezuela is on the verge of collapse. They even acknowledge that it's problems have been self-inflicted by a political elite who haven't a clue about how economies and markets work.

Of course President Maduro still blames all his country's problems on the US. It couldn't possibly be because both he and his predecessor Hugo Chavez didn't know what they were doing.


Tom Bowler asks the question What can gold do for our money?

Quite a bit, actually. Swing buy and read the whole thing.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the summerfolk are working feverishly to get ready for Memorial Day Weekend, the boat yards are working overtime to get boats ready for summer, and where, once again, Monday is returning all too soon.


Will Brexit Save The UK?

The question about whether Britain will exit the EU will be decided on June 23rd when British voters will vote on the so-called 'Brexit' referendum.

Many in the UK see their membership in the EU as having done nothing but weaken British sovereignty and seen their rights whittled away by the unelected bureaucrats in Belgium. While talk of Brexit has been around for some time, many think the Syrian refugee crisis was the last straw for British citizens. After years of Islamafication by Muslim immigrants unwilling to assimilate into British society, calls for sharia to replace British law, and spreading no-go zones for non-Muslims in numerous towns and cities across Britain, is it any wonder that the latest push by the EU to accept Syrian refugees may have tipped the scales in favor of Brexit?

The refugee crisis is merely the latest factor affecting the Brexit question, but not the biggest by any means.

The British people seem ready to leave the European Union through a historic June 23 referendum, because they are tired of the high-handed tyrannical regulations, clauses and counter-clauses, emanating from the EU Council on even the simplest aspects of their everyday lives.  They have determined that leaving the EU will be the best step toward reclaiming their nation's sovereignty and democratic rule in all matters of immigration and border control, their economy, free trade, and national security, and they are proudly waving the Union Jack, as they tell their would-be masters in Brussels to go to hell, declaring their independence.

While some have tried to make the case that leaving the EU will have devastating effects on the British economy, others have countered that argument by pointing out that much of the EU's trade is with the UK and it wouldn't be easily replaced. Yet others have have suggested any lost trade might be made up for by entering a free trade agreement with Canada, Mexico, and the US, in other words extending the NAFTA agreement to include the UK.

Of course President Obama's 'warning' to the British people that Brexit could seriously damage the relationship between the UK and the US may have actually helped the British voters to vote in favor of it if for no other reason that he has already severely damaged that relationship all by himself. They also know he's a lame duck and won't be in office come next January. That alone would probably heal some of the wounds he inflicted upon the relationship between America and the Mother Country.

Frankly, I think it is in Britain's best interests to divorce itself from the EU as the EU certainly does not have the UK's best interests at heart. Of course my opinion means nothing in regards to Brexit. I'm just an Anglophile Yankee who wants to see our cousins free themselves from the increasingly dictatorial EU, preserve that which defines them as British, and bring them closer to their North American cousins.


Is There Such A Thing As An Accurate Climate Model?

John Hindraker ponders the question “Does an accurate climate model exist?”

The short answer: No.

Global warming alarmism is predicated not on observation and empiricism, but on models and religious faith. The problem is that the models have now been around long enough to be either confirmed or falsified, and they are refuted by observation. The alarmists have tried to blur this fact by surreptitiously changing land temperature records to make the past look cooler and the present warmer, but this is at best a holding action.

Our one accurate, transparent and un-tampered with set of data–satellite temperature measurements–is now 37 years old. That is enough time to test the alarmists’ models, which rely on fanciful positive feedback effects to magnify the small and almost certainly beneficial consequences of increased atmospheric CO2 into a nightmare scenario. So how do the alarmists’ models stack up against observation?

Not surprising to me, they don't. Only one, the Russian INM-CM4 model, even comes close. Then again, the Russian climate scientists and scientists in related fields like meteorology, geology, and physics have not hopped onto the delusional AGW bandwagon. They didn't 'adjust' data to make the models give them the answers the Warmists demand. They used raw unadjusted data sets, when available, and created their own models. They didn't include the unproven positive feedbacks in their model that exists in so many others and, lo and behold, their model tends to follow the data from the satellite-based measurements, including the so-called 'pause' in seen over the past 18+ years.

So who do you believe? The folks yelling and screaming at us that we're all doomed unless we take drastic actions to slow the projected increase in global temperature by 0.1ÂșC by the year 2100, those projections made by models that so far don't match reality? Or do you listen to the folks whose model more closely reflects reality who are telling you that there's little to worry about because what climate change that has taken place is due to natural causes and isn't going to turn the Earth into one big desert swept by hurricanes, tornadoes, and sandstorms until the the seas rise due to all the ice melting and drown what's left?

I know which one I am more likely to believe.


Modeling Is Not Science

When is science not really science?

When all that really happens is the endless use of defective models that in no way reflect reality being used to push forth defective hypotheses.

...climate change science accounts for fully 55% of the modeling done in all of science. This is a tremendous concentration, because climate change science is just a tiny fraction of the whole of science. In the U.S. Federal research budget climate science is just 4% of the whole and not all climate science is about climate change.

To summarize, it looks like something like 55% of the modeling done in all of science is done in climate change science, even though it is a tiny fraction of the whole of science. Moreover, within climate change science almost all the research (97%) refers to modeling in some way.

So no other endeavor of science uses the level of modeling that climate science does, not even quantum physics which uses modeling to predict what kind of effects will be seen when instruments like the Large Hadron Collider are used to research the nature of our universe. Even astrophysics, astronomy, pharmaceutical research, genetics, bioengineering, or nuclear engineering come nowhere near to using modeling to the level of climate change research.

What makes this worse is that much of the data being used to model climate change is suspect, something brought forth in the Climategate e-mails. Yet we are supposed to believe that hundreds of models of climate change that have so far failed miserably to predict anywhere near what has actually happened are expected to be taken as gospel. We are expected to take draconian measures to prevent what these awful models are telling is going to happen.

That's not science. That's a con game.

Billions of research dollars are being spent in this single minded process. In the meantime the central scientific question – the proper attribution of climate change to natural versus human factors – is largely being ignored.

Of course it's being ignored. There's no money or control to be gained if this “unprecedented” climate change is all part of a natural process and any human influence is minimal and local at best.


Thoughts On A Sunday

The weekend looked promising.

The weather was supposed to be good for Saturday but cooler, wetter, and windier on Sunday. I had finished doing my bi-weekly run to the Big Box Discount Store and was on my way home.

While waiting in line at one of the traffic lights along US Rte 3, I heard a screech of brakes, an impact, then felt a BANG followed just as quickly by a second, but smaller bang.

Yes, I was involved in a chain reaction accident.

Fortunately I was driving the trusty F150 and it came out of this with nary a scratch, the only signs being a creased rear bumper, and in the front a mangled license plate and damaged fascia on the front bumper. The car in front of me also had minimal damage from what I could see. However, the car behind me was totaled. The fourth car, the one that started the whole thing, was barely scratched with what appeared to be superficial damage to grill and front bumper.

Not a good way to start the weekend. At least no one was injured.


I think we can say this is a perfect example of twisted socialist thinking.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is threatening owners of idled factories with arrest unless they start production again.

While he claims they are “trying to destabilize the financially stricken country by exacerbating shortages of goods from foodstuffs to medicines to toilet paper,” one has to wonder whether he realizes that factories can't produce anything if they have neither the raw materials or electrical power needed to run the factories. With factory owners unable to buy the materials needed because they have little or no access to foreign currency, one has to wonder if Maduro truly understands that no matter how much he threatens the owners they can't make anything under those circumstances. Or is he playing to his supporters and hangers on with this rhetoric, knowing the factories are incapable of producing anything?

Either way it makes him and the socialist economics forced upon Venezuela by him and his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, look like total failures. Once again we see proof that socialist economics doesn't work, has never worked, and will never work. Of course that won't stop others from trying them again...and again....and again.


“We're running an [effin'] casino.”

A tell all book by a congressman opens the doors to proof that what we've believed about Washington DC is true.

The veteran politician lays bare a rotten and corrupt Congress enslaved by lobbyists and interested only in re-election in an anonymous, 65-page manifesto called “The Confessions of Congressman X.”

The House member — a Democrat who is either still in Congress or served sometime over the past two decades — says more time is spent fundraising than reading bills and calls Washington a “sinkhole of leeches.”

The title of one chapter sums up his view of congressional leaders: “Harry Reid’s a Pompous Ass,” he says of the Senate Democratic leader. [We already knew that. - dce]

Voters are described as gullible, know-nothing jerks, while the only people who count are the big donors who pour billions of dollars into lobbying.

“Voters are incredibly ignorant. It’s far easier than you think to manipulate a nation of naive, self-absorbed sheep who crave instant gratification . . .,” vents Congressman X.

A lot of this also explains why Donald Trump has gained a lot of traction with the American people, stated the congressman.

I wish I could believe a lot of this was merely sour grapes, but I know it's not, and that's why we are in the trouble we are.


By way of Glenn Reynolds comes The Week In Pictures: False ID Edition from Powerline.

My two favorite: This one and this one.

All of them are pretty good, so head on over and get your fill!


Here's one celebrity who isn't drinking any of the of the SJW Kool-aid and spends more than a little time shredding SJW's and liberals in general.
Smashing Pumpkins co-founder , songwriter, guitarist, producer, author, poet, tea shop owner, and pro wrestling mogul [Billy Corgan] went viral Thursday as he took aim at the 2016 presidential race, “social justice warriors,” drones, political correctness, and Bernie, among many other hot topics.

On Thursday, he slammed “socialist” presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and accused liberal activists of infringing on free speech. “The tactics in the social justice warrior movement are to stifle and shut down free speech,” the singer said Thursday during an appearance on Infowars, the online network run by far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

And so it begins.


Blame the parents.

I already do.


Isn't it amazing how those who try to convince us there are no differences between men and women change their tune when those differences work in their favor?

Between the whole bathroom kerfuffle, making women register for the draft, or the doing away with single sex organizations on college campuses, it seems the differences appear and disappear depending upon whether it benefits or hurts women.

I wish someone would make up their frickin' minds.


David Starr delves into the question “Where have all the retail sales gone?”

His explanation certainly strikes a chord in this household.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where we see more boats heading to the boat ramps, some of the summer attractions are open on weekends, and where better weather is on the way.


More Americans Of Retirement Age Continue Working

Considering both the uncertainty of pensions, Social Security payments, or financial problems along with longer longevity, it's not really a surprise that more people are working past age 65.

Almost 20 percent of Americans 65 and older are now working, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s the most older people with a job since the early 1960s, before the U.S. enacted Medicare.

Because of the huge baby boom generation that is just now hitting retirement age, the U.S. has the largest number of older workers ever.

While the article goes on to detail a wide range of reasons people have given for working past 65, or in some cases, not planning to retire at all, one cause I did not see mentioned except briefly: some employers know they may not be able to find someone to replace the retiring employee so they offer incentives for them to stay on, even if only part time. I have seen this, with my employer having offered incentives to one employee and a family member having been convinced to continue working on a part time basis because there was no one available to replace them and their expertise.

Another set of reasons some choose not to retire, or after having retired, return to work: they really like what they're doing, miss what they used to do, or in some case, find retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. While some of these will stay within the profession they they made their career for decades, some take the opportunity to make a career change, pursuing a new career or reviving an old interest that had to be put aside in order to provide for a family. I know more than a few friends and family who have said retirement was “the worst decision they ever made.”

I see no reason this trend will not continue to grow.


Stupid Science Questions

Ross Pomeroy has collected a number of science questions that need answering.

Ot should I say stupid science questions.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Do math majors in college graduate with a degree or with a radian?

Is Black Lives Matter similar to dark matter?

If parallel universes exist, is there a parallel universe in which parallel universes don't exist?

If particles do not exist unless observed, why can't I close my eyes and walk through walls?

'Nuff said...for now.


Another Proof The Actual Minimum Wage Is $0.00

If anyone tells you the higher minimum wage passed in California and New York will have little effect on employment, you can point to yet another news story that proves just the opposite.

While McDonald's has been using ordering kiosks for years in Europe, they have started deploying them here. That's not really news.

However, Wendy's has announced it will be installing ordering kiosks in all 6000+ of its stores across the nation.

Yet another business is proving to the deluded Progressive economic know-nothings that the actual minimum wage is $0.00 no matter what the minimum wage laws say it is.