Thoughts On A Sunday

The King is dead! Long Live the King!

Or in this case the trusty F150.

Yes, my trusty 14-year old truck is no longer here. After years of faithful service the body rust got so bad that it would have taken a minimum of $6000 to make it roadworthy. While the frame and mechanicals were all in great shape, both the bed and cab had extensive rust and after some thought both Deb and I came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth dropping that kind of money into a vehicle that wasn't worth that even if it had been in pristine condition. So it was time to find a worthy replacement.

The trusty F150 languished in the garage since January, trapped there for two reasons: I wasn't able to drive due to an injury that left me dependent upon others to get around and; the F150 failed its annual safety inspection (the rust) and couldn't be driven until the rust was repaired and was deemed safe to drive again. In May I started gathering estimates for the work and almost every shop told me the same thing – it wasn't worth fixing unless I was going to keep it for sentimental reasons. (I haven't been sentimental about any vehicle with the exception of my dear departed grandparents' 1960 Cadillac coupe as I remember so many trips with them in that land yacht of a car.) So it was time to find a replacement.

It took almost 6 weeks, but I finally found a truck I liked that was within my price range: a 2014 Ram 1500 4X4. I did all of the due diligence, checking websites like Edmunds, NADA, and Cars.com for reviews of this particular model, looking for any problems or issues. With very few exceptions, everyone liked the truck and sang its praises. That was enough for me.

So this past Tuesday Deb and I climbed into the trusty F150 for the last time, hoping the local gendarmerie wouldn't notice I didn't have a valid inspection sticker, drove it the 11 miles to the dealer who was taking it in trade, handed the keys over. Ten minutes later we had finished the last of the paperwork, the temporary license plate was in place, and Deb and I headed home in the trusty Ram 1500. Hopefully it will serve me as well as the F150 did and last as long, if not longer.


This is disturbing on so many leevls I haven't a clue as where to begin.

You know a feminist really hates any human with a 'Y' chromosome when she publicly condemns her sons as rapists and sexists because they will no longer endure her constant emotional abuse. Not that they've actually done anything wrong. But she apparently hates the idea that she wasn't able to turn them into women with penises. Instead, they have done what anyone would under those circumstances – rebel. But wait, there's more!

Imagine what it must feel like to know if you ever end up in court your own mother is going to testify for the prosecution! When your own mom views your natural masculinity as "toxic," it's probably not going to foster a tight relationship or respect for her dearly held belief system. It's sad to imagine teen boys in that terribly awkward time trying to figure out who they are and what their passion is while this woman is flogging them in the newspaper for the sins of rapists (even though they never raped anyone). Lady, high school is hard enough. Maybe you should refrain from blaming the world's ills on your own flesh and blood. But that's just me.

It gets worse. It appears that Allard wrote an article several years ago claiming one of her sons was suicidal and yet she continues to write about him as being culpable for rape culture. She's done it again in a new article titled, “I'm Done Pretending Men Are Safe (Even My Own Sons)”.

Her problem isn't the patriarchy or rape culture. It has nothing to do with “toxic masculinity” or humans with a 'Y' chromosome. It has everything to do with the fact that she is a one mentally ill shithead who should have never been allowed to raise her kids. The only thing toxic in her life is her own delusions and that they've driven her to emotionally abuse her sons because they aren't girls. Normally I am not one that would suggest such a thing, but I think it's time for Child Services to do their job and get her kids away from this abusive excuse for a woman.

It's all about toxic feminism! Reading the comments to the linked post, just about everyone agrees her kids would be better off with someone else.


The past few months have been like a flashback to the 1950's where Democrat Congresscritters are almost wetting themselves as they look for Russians under Trump's bed. They see them everywhere even when no one is actually there. Every time the DNC-MSM creams themselves because they think they've found the last little bit of evidence that will force Trump out of office it turns out to be a “nothingburger”.

I have to wonder who will end up being the Democrats' version of Tailgunner Joe McCarthy? So far no one wants to take that position. Considering what his downfall looked like I doubt anyone is in a hurry to fill that slot.


There's deluded, and then there's deranged. This is deranged.

Silly reason why mother won't allow her son to accept a perfect school attendance award: “In this family you are not shamed for ill health.”

My question: Did he ever make fun of or shame anyone who didn't have a perfect attendance record? Somehow I doubt he has.

His mom has imbibed of the Progressive kool-aid. The only one that should be ashamed is her.


Oh, Yeah! Let's bring back segregation! It worked so well the last time it was tried.

What makes this idea even more ludicrous is that it isn't even white people bringing up the idea, but black people. It's quite evident they never learned or were never taught the lessons about segregation in the South. If they see it as panacea to all their ills then they have chosen to ignore what's already happened in some of the self-segregated sections of cities like Detroit and Chicago. That's worked out so well for our African American brethren.


I don't know why I missed this, but it's been out there for a month.

All my Progressive friends are members of the #Resist movement.  I am not a Trump supporter, but I'm not suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, either.  He's had mixed results so far.  Nothing outlandish, nothing crazy. I think he's accomplished quite a bit (both better and worse) for not passing a single piece of major legislation.  His bluster and hyperbole bug me, but that's just talk and Tweets.  I've seen and heard worse from regular politicians.  Yet it's these words that set off the #Resist people.  They go bonkers over every little thing!  It's fascinating.

Prior to the election, when it seemed Hillary was a shoo-in, they were treading lightly, saying nice things like "Whoever wins, we should unify after the election, the nation needs to come together."  Their hubris and expectation of a big win offered them the comfort to feel they could say this, with smug delight, to set off anyone who might consider Trump a viable vote.  These are the same people that spent 8 years complaining about Republican filibustering and 'obstruction' of the Obama agenda.  "Why can't the Republicans stop OBSTRUCTING when we want to get things done?"  Well, smarty-pants, that's how the system works, isn't it?  It's designed to prevent a tyranny of the majority, and your smug nonsensical philosophy is forcing tyranny down our throats.

Read the whole thing.


This is something I've known since my high school years, over 4 decades ago. What is this something?

Women hate harmless men.

Many modern men have been propagandized to believe that modern women want nice, sensitive, empathetic guys who make them feel safe.

And then they are perplexed and frustrated when they eventually find themselves dumped, divorced, or relegated to the friend-zone for perpetuity.

The only time making women feel safe works is when a man protects them from a dangerous situation, doing so with action, be it as simple as showing their sidearm, wreaking violence upon a miscreant, or somewhere along that spectrum. (I have experienced that personally when three toughs accosted my then fiancee on the Tube in London. One ended up with a broken nose, the second with a dislocated shoulder, and the third, apparently smarter than his mates, decided to back away when he saw what had befallen his fellow thugs. The fiancee looked at me in an entirely different light after that, and I mean in a good way.)

Check out the post and particularly the included video of Dr. Jordan Peterson explaining why this is so.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where it's NASCAR weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, the lake is busy with lots of boats out there, and where I'm glad I can do most of my boating during the week.


Sometimes They Do Talk To Their Constituents!

It's not often one has a chance to spend time with their representative in state legislature. It's even better when you can do so at their home, or if there are some conflicting activities, on the phone.

In this case, I called my state representative to find out how things went during this year's legislative session. To say I got a not unexpected earful would be an understatement. (It was a lengthy and contentious session, so there was a lot to talk about.)

His list of successes and failures:

State Budget – FAIL: (Still too fat and carrying over items from the previous spendthrift Democrat governor.)

Business Tax Reduction – PASS...sorta: (The two taxes, the Business Enterprise Tax and Business Profits Tax, have been reduced. However the aim by a number of Republican legislators was to eliminate them altogether. Maybe next time.)

Repeal the Interest and Dividends Tax – FAIL: (New Hampshire has no income or sales tax, but it does have the Interest and Dividends tax which doesn't affect wage earners but does effect retirees and prudent investors. There has been an effort to eliminate this for some years as it doesn't really help all that much in the way of revenues but does hurt some Granite State residents.)

Return To Biennial Legislative Sessions – FAIL: (Back in 1984 the citizens of New Hampshire were sold a pig in a poke, that being that a single ~6 month legislative session every too years was too long. Two annual ~3 month sessions would be better. The voters changed the state constitution to go to annual sessions and it's been all downhill from there. Now there is an annual ~6 month session which means legislators must put in twice the amount of time at twice the cost to the state's taxpayers, but not all that much more gets done than if there had been a single every-other-year session. The bill to return to that schedule died in committee...darn it.)

Constitutional Carry – PASS: (A permit to carry a concealed weapon is no longer required. New Hampshire has had Open Carry for years and this was the next logical step. Despite both Open Carry and Concealed Carry there has not been bloodshed on the streets nor 'OK Corral' style shootouts as predicted by the anti-2A folks. New Hampshire has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the nation.)

Tighten Election Law – PASS: (Same Day registration has been grossly abused, used by 'transient' residents with no real domicile in the state. This law is designed to stop that kind of abuse by making proof of domicile a condition for voter registration. It is expected the ACLU and LoWV amongst others will be taking the state to court on this one.)

There were a host of other items we discussed, including issues in our county. (The state representatives also serve as county delegation members to the County Commission in each county and vote on things like the county budget and taxes.) My representative has stated it's been a learning experience as this was his first session as a representative. He and 399 other members of the New Hampshire House had to slog through governmental inertia, back channel deals, the reluctance/refusal of state funded entities (like the University System of New Hampshire) to open their books while at the same time demanding more money, and a whole host of pigheadedness and ideological blindness to try to get anything done. At least he now has a better understanding of the swamp that is state government.

As my representative said, “Take this experience at state level, multiply it by 50 states, then add on the even greater swamp of government in Washington DC.”

Scary thought, ain't it?


Thoughts On A Sunday

The craziness of the Fourth of July holiday has faded away, allowing us a brief respite before this weekend arrived. While the crowds aren’t nearly as big as they were over the Fourth, they’re still here. In other words, it’s a normal summer weekend here in the Lakes Region. There’s a lot of boat traffic out on Lake Winnipesaukee, something to be expected on a beautiful weekend. (It’s one reason we rarely travel out on the lake during the weekend unless it’s first thing in the morning or late afternoon/early evening when there’s little if any boat traffic.)


By way of Instapundit comes proof of something I knew way back when it was first put into place: Obama’s Cash For Clunkers was a complete waste of time and taxpayer money. It also had a net negative effect on car sales as compared to if the program had never been implemented.

One must also remember that the Obama Administration pushed for the closing of car dealerships as part of the automaker bailout (Chrysler and GM) because “there are too many dealerships.” The problem is that a good number of those dealerships slated for closing were selected based not upon their sales but upon the owner’s political leanings. A lot of very successful and prosperous dealerships saw their franchises ended because the owners did not identify as being with the correct political party (meaning they were Republicans and therefore not worthy of retaining their businesses).

Cash For Clunkers was an unmitigated disaster. Then again most politically motivated economic programs have no relation to economic realities and end up doing little to help the economy and, worst case, end up having negative impacts on the economy and the wallets of consumers.


Though over a year old, this piece by Richard Fernandez stands as a warning to both tyrannies and self-deluded democracies (in this case, the EU). It boils down to one simple principle:

…people, under pressure to conform by culture leaders, often told public lies to get the pollsters and thought police off their backs, even as they nurtured largely undetected private resentments inside them. Over time, two divergent perceptions would emerge: the public lie would determine how the regime thought about itself while the private truth contained the real, but hidden data.

When both the public lie and the private truth are exposed, the government falls, sometimes violently.

How does this apply to the EU, a nominal democracy? The elite have been telling themselves and the citizens lies in order to fit a narrative, one that has now come back on them in spades.

It's becoming evident that the European elites failed to understand how explosive the migrant issue was until it detonated full in their face. Now it is in the midst of a crisis which could literally bring down the European Union. Why didn't they see it coming? Because they believed their own Narrative, even when they should have suspected it was a lie of their own making. If the PC Western elites are overtaken by a cascade similar to that which collapsed the Soviet Union, the ultimate irony will be that the very migrants which they had counted on to create the Curley Effect will turn out to be the engine of their own destruction.

As one of my favorite movie characters said, “Welcome to the party, pal!”


I’ve known this for years.

If you believed the DNC-MSM, it appears Trump had a bad time at the G20 summit. But if you read the foreign press you get the impression that Trump kicked ass.

When you get better coverage of US national news from newspapers like the Telegraph rather than the New York Times or the Washington Post, you know they’re in trouble.


It appears the experiment with school vouchers in Chile has proven to be a success. Of course I expect school voucher opponents to use the “But that’s Chile! It won’t work here,” line even though there’s plenty of evidence here in the US that proves that it does.

One commenter had the best take on this: “If vouchers didn’t work nobody would bother opposing them.”



The Party of Peace, Love, and Tolerance strikes again.

In this case yet another “unhinged” liberal staked out a Harley Davidson dealership in Iowa in an attempt to kill US Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA).

Why is it that all of those attempting to kill members of Congress come from the Democrat Party, “unhinged” or not? The Left talks about all of the violence going to be committed by the Right, but the only ones actually committing the violence come from the Left. Projecting much?


Want a preview of what single payer health care is like? Well here you go.

A million patients a week cannot see a GP.

Doctors said they were working “flat out” but under “unsustainable” pressure, leaving “worrying” numbers of patients without any help.

The NHS figures show the number waiting at least a week to see their GP has risen by 56 per cent in five years, with one in five now waiting this long.

The pressures left 11.3 per cent of patients unable to get an appointment at all – a 27 per cent rise since 2012. This amounts to around 47 million occasions on which patients attempted but failed to secure help from their GP, forcing them to give up, try again later or turn to Accident & Emergency departments.

It’s expected to get even worse. Is this something we really want to do? I doubt we’ll be able to do it any better than either the British or Canadians, and certainly not any less expensively.


Step back: I’m a professional journalist!

And they wonder why the people hate the media.


Helicopterswith frickin’ lasers.
It’s about time.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer has settled in, the summerfolk are enjoying themselves, and where the time to go back to work has come around again all too soon.


Not What We Think Is Happening?

As much as many on the Left think that the parochial ways of non-urbanites will die away to be replaced with the values and mores of the enlightened Progressives (which resemble those of an overindulged and spoiled child), there is a flaw in their thinking and it all comes down to one simple thing – demographics.

In a comment to a post on PJ Media about Trump's visit and so-called Good News/Bad News for Poland opinion piece, one reader points out that the cultural divide between the Urban Elite and non-urban deplorables is not what some people think it is. Reader “Hornspe” uses a personally witnessed example from Paris that illustrates that division.

When a relatively homogeneous society implodes demographically, it is all well and good to draw data from the averages, but many of these European cultures are quite polarized. I was in Paris four years ago when many of the rural folks flooded into the city to express their anger about gay marriage. The French Government made it sound like an invasion, turned out huge numbers of police, shut the train stations etc.

Buses arrived with thousands and thousands of pleasant, friendly people and their children. I have never seen so many kids at a political rally. You would have thought it was a picnic (which it also obviously was). Someone unfurled a banner on top of the Socialist Party HQ that was unkind to the French President. That was the extent of the horror.

I would guess Europe is full of these people. Traditional Europeans who no longer participate in the post-modern cultural life of their country, and do not live like dissipated urban Leftists who eschew "bringing children into a broken world" in favor of being able to pay the rent in central Paris or London, and because kids don't fit in a 60sq/m flat.

If three pair of urban Leftists have no kids, and two pair rural traditionalists have 3 kids, the average is 1.2 kids. This doesn't mean the society is failing (particularly in a world of increased automation) it means the people with the really bad ideas are voting themselves off the island.

Leftism is a memetic disease. It kills its host's next generation. It is like the Black Death. It may wipe out a quarter of the population, but the death will be concentrated in the cities. If the Left is self-selecting out, let them. That's not the end of their civilizations but their renewal.

Do you have the data which falsifies this hypothesis? I can conceive that there might be demographic data cut by political or better, cultural viewpoint (since I think when your choices run the spectrum between Sanders and Clinton, if you like Trump you just quit showing up). Were that data to show this demographic collapse across the whole spectrum, that would suggest I am wrong.

I am taking a shot in the dark here, but I'll bet you'll find that Hornspe isn't wrong. And the speculation applied to Europe would hold true here as well. Many of the families I know in non-urban areas across this country have two or more kids. The single-child or childless couples are rare outside of the blue urban areas. (There aren't nearly as many Progressives outside the blue islands which may be one reason why the birth rate may be higher away from those blue islands.)

While all of this speculation is based upon anecdotal evidence, it would not surprise me in the least that the difference in birth rates is there. Whether or not there is any actual census data which shows the difference between urban and non-urban birth rates as well as differences between Left and Center/Right birth rates is something I do not know at the moment. It's something worth looking into.

If Hornspe's speculations are correct, a number of cultural and political problems are likely to address themselves as the Progressives remove themselves from the gene pool as they do not seem to reproduce in any great numbers, if they reproduce at all. But in the mean time they can cause a lot of damage if we don't counter their efforts to destroy the very things that define us as Americans.


Thoughts On A Sunday

The long Fourth of July weekend is here, though the Fourth isn’t until Tuesday. Deb and I head out onto the lake at 10AM yesterday, hoping we’d beat the heavy boat traffic and be back in in an hour.

It didn’t work out that way.

It seems a lot of other folks had the same thought we did, making for a lot of wake driven chop, lengthy lines waiting to get through the Weirs Beach Channel, and then rain showers to cap it off. A leisurely 1 hour jaunt on the lake turned into two hours constant vigilance, rough water, aching knees, and a sweat/rain-soaked tee shirt.

Yet we still enjoyed it. A paradox, I know, but even a bad day out on the lake is better than a good day at work.


The ongoing battle between the DNC-MSM and President Trump continues, with the duo of Scarborough and Brezenski seeing just how low they can go. They and their colleagues keep hammering at Trump as if they were back in high school and they show themselves to be the bullies, but their target stands strong and is not cowed by their tactics.

Is it childish? Yup, no doubt. But sometimes ‘childish’ is the only thing that gets through to these self-important defenders of the Leftist faith.

In the meantime Trump is getting things done while the DNC-MSM is focused on Trump’s tweets, remarks, and family. He has them totally suckered. Then again he’s manipulated the media for years and it comes to him as naturally as everyone else breathes.


Those of us in the technical field understand things about the Internet that those outside the field rarely think about. That’s understandable. Most folks just want to know that it will work when they need it.

But too many, even in the tech field, have little if any understanding of the dangers that go along with the conveniences of the ‘Net.

As more things become connected to the Internet, more things can be controlled via the Internet, for good or bad.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a reality, the vulnerabilities mount. Would you like it if someone could control all of the systems – lighting, heating/air conditioning, TV, appliances, the locks on your doors – from outside of your home? That’s what the IoT has as a major downside. While some of these things are quite convenient for a home owner, they have to understand the downside. (It’s one reason we have no such connections of anything to the Internet.)

As utilities and other infrastructure use the Internet for command and control, the ability by cyber-warfare hackers to shut down or damage that infrastructure increases. (None of that stuff should be ever be connected the Internet. They should be fully insulated from any Internet connections of any kind. While they would use the same kind of network structure as the Internet, they should be totally independent with no access from the outside.)

As one of the aforementioned engineering geeks, I am fully cognizant of the risks. It’s one reason I don’t have a smart phone. (I still use flip phone, something that can’t be hacked, or at least not as easily as smart phones.)


It is one thing to not understand economics. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if someone with no such understanding figures they know better about how things should be run, doing things like artificially raising the cost of a commodity – labor is a commodity – and there being no fallout, then they are deluded. Such is the case with New Hampshire House Representative Timothy Horrigan.

After a post about McDonald’s installing ordering/payment kiosks in its US stores, Horrigan commented to the post, trying to use Switzerland’s McDonald’s franchises as proof that a $15/hour minimum wage won’t affect the costs of food, citing the “Big Mac” Index.

One thing Horrigan missed (or chose to ignore) is that they use ordering kiosks in Switzerland, just as they do through parts of Europe (France was where the first kiosks were installed some years ago, if memory serves). The McDonald’s franchises there have fewer employees than US franchises do, hence a skewed Big Mac Index.



I have to agree with David Starr on this: the F35 has turned the corner.

As the various problems have been sorted out, the F35 has turned from a very expensive dud to something that is making everyone sit up and take notice.

Let’s hope it turns out that it will be everything it was promised to be. If it does, it will be one kick-ass plane.


Which state will default first- Connecticut or Illinois?

That’s a tough one to call, but I’m leaning towards Illinois.

Connecticut won’t be far behind, particularly in light that another corporate heavyweight, Aetna, is pulling up stakes and moving to another state. This follows on the heels of General Electric’s departure for Boston last year. Connecticut’s hostile tax code and business atmosphere has endeared it to no one and both businesses and the wealthy are leaving in droves, taking any tax revenues with them.

Illinois will fall first because they’ve been doing this for years longer than Connecticut and haven’t been able to pass a budget in three years. They’ve also had to stop selling some lottery tickets because they can’t guarantee they can pay off winning tickets. At least Connecticut can still make those payments…for now.


OK, how do they explain this?

Phoenix, Arizona drops its sanctuary status and crime drops…unexpectedly.


Any chance to play to the narrative that “We’re all gonna die!” if we don’t do something about climate change is used to prove the CAGW scenario. However, it’s one thing to take a catastrophic weather event to prove a point and yet another to turn a molehill into a mountain.

In this case a gust of wind was turned into a tornado in Hamburg, Germany. What’s worse, it was picked up by the international press even though there was absolutely no evidence such a tornado took place.

But it fits the narrative and that’s all that counts.


Hey, SJW`s! Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you! You need to hear this:

With free speech comes consequences.

And here’s something else you need to know – Both the freedom of speech and its consequences also apply to you.


Another note to the CAGW faithful: Too little CO2 is worse than too much. Of course “too much” CO2 is a matter of opinion.

As we’ve been seeing the increased CO2 has been beneficial, with increased greening of once barren areas, better crop yields (all while requiring less water), and apparently less severe and less numerous hurricanes. All of this is the opposite of what the CAGW faithful have been claiming. They have also been saying a major climate catastrophe will occur by 2100 if we don’t do something now despite even the best estimates showing that if we eliminated all anthropogenic CO2 the difference between CAGW climate models and ‘fixed’ CO2 models show such a small difference as to almost be lost in the noise. Yet we’re supposed to spend trillions of dollars on a problem that isn’t really a problem? We’d be better off spending that money on getting us out to other planets.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the summerfolk are here in droves, the lake is busy, and where we’re looking forward to our Fourth of July cookout and fireworks.


Thoughts On A Sunday - Abbreviated

This will be a somewhat abbreviated TOAS post as I was busy with a number of tasks both inside and outside The Manse today and just finished the last of them (it's 9:34Pm EDT as I write this). Between running errands, trying to clean up the garage and sort through items – some to the “Throw it out” pile and others to the “I may need this but it's likely to be thrown out too” pile – all in preparation for putting The Manse on the market, it's taken a lot of my time over the weekend. It's time for us to downsize as it no longer makes sense to keep the house we've called home over the past 12 years. It's too big and the yard work is no longer easy for me to take care of (not that it ever was due to the steep slope of the property upon which The Manse sits).


I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the national news because it has become quite boring, repetitive, and even more disturbing to me, predictable. The propaganda division of the DNC, aka the MSM, are devoting far too much time trying to tear down the president while ignoring everything else going on around the country. The only exception to that being stories about tornadoes, heavy rains with flooding, or brush fires, all of which have been caused by Donald Trump withdrawing the US from the Paris Accords. (Yes, it is sarcasm. I wouldn't think I would actually need to tell any of you this, but better safe than sorry.)


Sometimes people need to be reminded that if existing laws have problems, more often than not they can be corrected by legislative action. The newest jurist on the US Supreme Court offers his dissenting opinion on a case that the Supreme Court just ruled on in a 7-2 decision, and addresses this issue in a forthright and clear manner. Writes Justice Neil Gorsuch in his dissent in the Perry v. Merit Systems Protection Board mentions the plaintiff took the convenient action rather than the correct action:

Anthony Perry asks us to tweak a congressional statute—just a little—so that it might (he says) work a bit more efficiently. No doubt his invitation is well meaning. But it’s one we should decline all the same. Not only is the business of enacting statutory fixes one that belongs to Congress and not this Court, but taking up Mr. Perry’s invitation also seems sure to spell trouble. …

Mr. Perry’s is an invitation I would run from fast. If a statute needs repair, there’s a constitutionally prescribed way to do it. It’s called legislation. To be sure, the demands of bicameralism and presentment are real, and the process can be protracted. But the difficulty of making new laws isn’t some bug in the constitutional design: it’s the point of the design, the better to preserve liberty.


(H/T GraniteGrok)


The Left is constantly screaming at us to “check our White Privilege”, but maybe it's time for the Left to check their Anger Privilege, or so writes Sultan Knish.

If you want to know who has privilege in a society and who doesn’t, follow the anger.

There are people in this country who can safely express their anger. And those who can’t. If you’re angry that Trump won, your anger is socially acceptable. If you were angry that Obama won, it wasn’t.

James Hodgkinson’s rage was socially acceptable. It continued to be socially acceptable until he crossed the line into murder. And he’s not alone. There’s Micah Xavier Johnson, the Black Lives Matter cop-killer in Dallas, and Gavin Long, the Black Lives Matter cop-killer in Baton Rouge. If you’re black and angry about the police, your anger is celebrated. If you’re white and angry about the Terror travel ban, the Paris Climate treaty, ObamaCare repeal or any leftist cause, you’re on the side of the angry angels.

But if you’re white and angry that your job is going to China or that you just missed being killed in a Muslim suicide bombing, your anger is unacceptable.

Then again, if the Left didn't have double standards then they'd have no standards at all.


I remember when Portland, Oregon used to be a pretty nice place. Now it has poo-flinging leftist Antifa scumbags and a homegrown terrorist who likes killing people on a public bus. I wonder how far it will have to go before the Progressive mayor of Portland will crack down on these fascist s**theels? How many will have to die at their hands or how many city blocks will have to burn before the idiot in charge stops worrying about offending the antifa thugs and their ACLU buddies? This is Portland Freakin', Oregon, not Detroit, Michigan.


And that's the (greatly abbreviated) news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where a long Fourth of July weekend is on the way, the grills will be ready, and where time on the lake will take precedence over all other things.


Testing A Gun Myth - Gangsta Style

I know I've heard the claim about how “gangsta's” can't shoot straight when they hold their pistols “gangsta style”, meaning they pistol is rotated 90ยบ so it is parallel to the ground rather than perpendicular to it. That may indeed be the case. However legendary marksman Jerry Miculek decided to put the myth to the test, comparing normal shooting with “gangsta” to see if the 'can't shoot straight' claim is true. This is what happened:

Miculek, who holds numerous world shooting titles and records, had a couple of issues with “gangsta” shooting, the two biggest that his aim was off axis to the right and that he couldn't see any other target that might be to his right because his hand was in the way.

Another 'myth' I've heard is that with some semi-auto pistols, the “gangsta” style has another drawback, that being the ejected brass hitting the shooter in the face after each shot, something that would certainly affect one's aim. It may look cool on the street and on the TV or movie screen, but in real life most gangsta's wouldn't be able to hit the broad side of a barn. Then again, most gangsta's don't practice shooting regularly like many legal gun owners do, and they certainly don't practice anywhere near as much as Jerry Miculek.


Thoughts On A Sunday

It was the last day of the 94th Annual Motorcycle Week here in the Lakes Region. For the most part the weather has been cooperative with only one day of rain during the nine days of rally.

By the end of the day the roar of motorcycles will fade away as the 300,000+ bikers head home after another successful Motorcycle Week ends.


It has cost Wesleyan University $400,000 after it arbitrarily shut down a fraternity on campus even though it had fully complied with a mandate handed down by administrators.

It turns out the real reason for the fraternity's attempted expulsion by the university president?

He wanted their property. It was an underhanded land grab, not a punishment as the administration had said.

It seems kleptocracy exists even at vaunted universities.


I don't think the NYT has thought this one out.

The New York Times published an editorial about the need for mass deportation of native-born Americans because they don't live up to Ruling Class expectations.

Really, and just who will deport them all? Considering a vast majority of those Americans they think should be deported are well armed, with many being combat veterans, as well as red states rebelling against such a thing, it would be an opening salvo in the Second American Civil War.

Thinking more on this matter, I have to wonder whether 'deportation' is merely another word for moving the so-called undesirables to concentration camps and deporting them by way of a crematorium's chimneys? Seems this was tried in Europe and it didn't turn out so well for those behind such 'deportations'.

It's time for us to end the existence of the cancer that has become the New York Times. They are consistently showing themselves to be enemies of the American people, being nothing but a propaganda organ for the ProRegressive Left.


The vitriol and incipient violence from the Left has been making it's presence known here in the Granite State, with both Democrat lawmakers and Progressive special interest groups excoriating and trying to bully both the Republican majority legislature and the Republican governor into giving them what they demand. They seem to have no issue with twisting the truth, trying to paint legislation that's supposed to help minorities as legislation that will leave them lying dead in the streets, or using religious bigotry to try to paint a state official as some kind of monster because of some religious postings by a 3rd party that had absolutely no connections to that official. (Then again it was this same religious bigot that helped damage the state's education system, all in the name of 'fairness', in a lawsuit which then obligated the state to adequately fund education, 'adequate' being defined by this same religious bigot. Of course he didn't send his kids to public school.)

We've had a Democrat state representative state she's felt homicidal against Republican legislators, particularly male Republican legislators, then tries to play the victim card when she's called out for her violence-laden rhetoric. Then she went over the egde when she found out the shooter in Alexandria who targeted Republican representatives was a white male, then changed her tune when she found out he was a Bernie Bro.

I could go on and on and on, but it's the same story over and over again. And should their bleatings and rhetoric turn someone towards violence against Republicans, they'll either try to explain it away or blame the victims for getting in the way of Progressive ideology, as if that's all that's needed to excuse murder.

As the saying goes, Read The Whole Thing.


Despite the ongoing hysteria about America's withdrawal from the seriously flawed Paris Accord, something would obligate America to all kinds of economy damaging actions while allowing China and India to continue down the path unrestricted air pollution and CO2 emissions, there are actual scientists who still do not buy into the CAGW scenario. Not one of them is a political scientist. They are actual scientists with decades of research and data analysis experience who say the whole thing is overblown and serves no purpose other than raking in millions, if not billions of dollars in the way of research grants.

The do not deny that the climate has warmed since the end of the Little Ice Age. Such warming would be expected. But to attribute it to a single factor, anthropogenic CO2 is both misleading and willfully ignorant.

Who are this miscreants of science?

Richard Lindzen, Emeritus Professor, PhD Mathematics. Was a professor of Atmosphere Physics at MIT.

Harrison Schmitt, PhD Geology

Will Happer, Professor Emeritus, PhD Physics, Princeton University

Neil Frank, PhD Meteorology

Roy Spencer, PhD Meteorology, University of Alabama, Hunstville

And I'm going to add another that a commenter suggested adding, that being Dr. Judith Curry, PhD Geophysical Sciences. Until recently she was the chair of the Earth and Atmospherics Sciences at Georgia Tech.

These aren't some unknown hacks from research institutes no one has ever heard about. Two had worked for NASA in the past (Schmitt and Spencer). These aren't lightweights in regards to climate science by any means, but they are seen a heretics or deniers because the don't agree with the so-called consensus. But they are doing exactly what they should be doing by questioning the consensus because, as anyone versed in science knows, consensus isn't science. Consensus has been wrong may times before and will be again. Even Albert Einstein knew consensus wasn't science, once stating “It doesn't matter if ten thousand scientists agree with me. It only takes one to prove me wrong.”


We had the opportunity to head out on to Lake Winnipesaukee early this evening with two of BeezleBub's co-workers from the farm. While there were still a few boats out on the lake as we departed the cove where we berth The Boat, most had left the lake by the time we were making our way back to port. While breezy out on the water, it was calm, meaning no real chop or boat wakes out there. It made for a pleasant two hours with family and some new friends.

While the weather forecast doesn't look promising for Monday, we will get more than a few opportunities to make it out on to the lake later this week. It is, after all, summer (or will be come the 20th of June). We've got to take advantage whenever we can.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather has been sunny, cloudy, hot and humid, where almost all of the motorcyclists have gone home, and where we look forward to our next jaunt out on the lake.


It's Time For Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity

Considering so many states have liberalized (the old fashioned meaning) their gun laws, with some not even requiring its citizens to have permit in order to carry a concealed firearm (my home state is one of them), I can see the wisdom of passing legislation to make reciprocity – a CCW permit in one state would be honored by all other states – a reality. It's something that should have been done years ago. It already exists in regards to driver's licenses, so why not permits to carry?

While some will make the argument that the two are not the same thing, one has to remember that driving is not a right, but a privilege. Bearing arms is a right. We've certainly seen enough US Supreme Court decisions in the past decade or so that have certainly proved that the Second Amendment means what it says. So why shouldn't there be reciprocity for something that is a constitutional right?

Some may bring up the point about the Constitutional Carry states not having permits and how to handle reciprocity, but even my home state still issues concealed carry permits just for that reason as some states have reciprocity agreements with their neighbors. New Hampshire has reciprocity with 28 other states.

Should Congress pass such legislation and the president signs it, I expect the howling from the anti-gun lobbies and organizations will be deafening. They will trot out the usual “Shootout at the OK Corral” scenario and the use “rivers of blood in our streets” ploy in an effort to misinform the public. In every state that has changed from 'may issue' states to 'shall issue' states those same claims have been made. Yet those scenarios have never materialized. The same claims, though much louder and more forceful, were also used in those states where constitutional carry was made the law. Again, nothing happened...except that the violent crime rates went down.

It's time to make concealed carry reciprocity a reality.


Thoughts On A Sunday

This weekend signaled the start of Motorcycle Week here in Lakes Region of New Hampshire. With the weather looking to be sunny and warm almost all week, I expect we'll see a very large turnout. I have already seen large groups of bikers as they've made their way here to the big lake, with may of them taking advantage of the many amenities.

As many motorcyclist we have already seen, the bulk of them won't start arriving until this coming Thursday. From that point on it will be wall to wall motorcycles until they start their departures next Sunday and the following Monday.


This concept for a hybrid air taxi looks pretty cool. Almost as cool as the 'electric VTOL jet' I linked to a few months ago.

Of the two, give me the VTOL jet any day. But the air taxi is still cool.


While the ever present and screechy “But guns don't solve problems, they cause problems” anti-2A crowd blathers on about armed citizens being a danger to us all, here's a personal account from one of Skip Murphy's sons, a former Marine, who stopped an incipient robbery at a convenience store by walking from the back of the store and next to the checkout counter, allowing the miscreants see the 9mm Sig Sauer on his hip.

He didn't have to pull his weapon. The mere sight of gun and his attitude, being that of a Marine, motivated the miscreants to put down the merchandise they had taken, put it down on the counter, and leave.

No gun play involved. No shootout at the OK Corral. No one being hurt. Just a man with his sidearm, an attitude that showed he knew how to use it, and an incipient criminal act ended before it started.


Hey, I only believe in the Constitution when it affects me, or so it seems Bernie Sanders believes since he seems to think that there should be a litmus test for a potential office-holders religious beliefs before they would be allowed to serve in any capacity. There's only one teeny tiny problem with that proposal.

Article VI, Section 3 of the United States Constitution states:

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

Oh, too bad Bernie. That pesky US Constitution getting in the way of a politically/religiously correct totalitarian state...again.


Is the fifth time the charm?

It looks like voters in Puerto Rico will be deciding whether or not to become a state. The previous four attempts failed, but seeing Puerto Rico's present financial state, no one seems to know how the vote will go this time.


Oh, yeah, this is creepy indeed.

Guys Reveal The Creepiest Way Girls Have Hit On Them.

You may think it's only the guys that have lame come-on lines, but you're wrong. Some of these are totally cringeworthy.


If you need a means of describing Portland, Oregon, use this – Like San Francisco or Berkeley, but with less tolerance for non-progressive ideas, more violent 'antifa' thugs, a large dislike of freedom of speech, and a close-minded authoritarian as mayor. Oh, and it isn't hilly like San Francisco.


Uh-oh. This is going to upset the “science is settled” warmists.

I find it interesting that there are 20 new peer-reviewed papers out there that posit climate change has been driven entirely by solar changes and not anthropogenic CO2.

I can hear warmists heads exploding in rage because, after all, everyone knows we evil humans are the cause of all climate change over the past few thousand years, even on Mars!


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the rumble of motorcycles can be heard, the really warm weather has arrived, and where I am anticipating a post-work jaunt on the lake tomorrow.