Demography Will Become Destiny

Via the Instaprof comes this tidbit: “As the Manhattan Institute’s Zach Goldberg has noted in his research, the increasing divergence between the Democrats’ elites and proles is getting harder to manage.”

Could this be the reason why more Democrats have been taking a closer look at their anointed leaders and beginning to ask questions about them and their intentions? The Democrat elite seem to think that their usual voting bloc – Blacks, Hispanics, and ignorant white young adults – will always vote the way they want them to and for those they want them to vote for. But it appears they can no longer make that assumption as an increasing number within that voting bloc are abandoning the Democrat Party as they no longer see the party is working on their behalf...if they ever did.

The Democratic coalition, which seems so powerful now, is actually tremendously unstable, filled with groups whose interests are often in direct conflict. Arguably only a shared loathing for Trump has sustained them for the past eight years. But at some point, whether in 2024 or afterwards, they will not have Donald Trump to kick around anymore. And then many groups in the coalition will have difficult choices to make.

In particular, given current trends, the younger white members of the coalition will either have to content themselves with visibly subordinate roles in the party, front for policies that work explicitly against their interests, defect to the Right, or give up politics entirely.


...the most notable contradiction in the Left’s coalition is the continued and disproportionate control of an overwhelmingly white, wealthy, and highly educated faction over an increasingly multi-racial, poor, and less educated constituency. The largely white overclass elite have kept the peace by distributing massive amounts of welfare, federal jobs, legal hiring preferences, and other benefits to their largely minority client base. But with America’s debts spiraling out of control and virtually every institution captured already, it is unclear that the continued growth of this largesse is sustainable. The Kulaks (the American middle class, and in particular the white middle class) have been blamed for all of America’s failings and have been drained of almost all influence and power. There simply aren’t enough other middle-class Americans left to fleece.

It doesn’t help that the middle-class American demographic is shrinking with a lot of that shrinkage due to Team Biden and the Democrat elite purposefully crushing them. It seems they have forgotten the Thatcher axiom: “Socialism works until you run out of other people’s money.” (One has to remember the Democrats have been devolving into Socialists, particularly after the boost LBJ’s Great Society ‘reforms’ picked up where FDR’s programs left off.) Just turning on the printing presses doesn’t solve the deficit problem, something everyone is going to learn soon enough if we don’t turn away from this destructive path we’re on.