Thoughts On A Sunday

We had our first real hard frost overnight, as evidenced by the frost on the windshield of the trusty RAM 1500. It was the first time I saw the temperature reach below freezing here at The Gulch this fall. Obviously it won’t be the last.


I must state I do not like the change back to Standard Time, particularly in light of the fact that Standard Time only lasts a little over 4 months. The time change is disruptive, and nobody likes it. I know I prefer light in the afternoon when it benefits me and others rather than in the morning when it benefits few.

And then there’s this:

It’s time to end the madness!


From the Just When I Thought They Couldn’t Get Any Stupider department comes this latest missive from New York Governor Cuomo: We Didn’t Have Hurricanes or Tornadoes Before Climate Change.

Except of course for Hurricane Bob in 1991, Gloria in 1985, Belle in 1976, Agnes in 1972, Esther in 1961, Donna in 1960, Gracie in 1959, Connie in 1955, Carol and Hazel in 1954, or the Great Atlantic Hurricane of 1944.

This is the same clueless governor that banned new natural gas pipelines into New York then ordered the affected gas companies to hook up new customers even though they didn’t have enough gas to supply them.

It’s time for a regime change in New York.


Don’t you love these guys who assault elderly people who are wearing a MAGA hat? I guess they feel safer going after the elderly because they figure they can get away with it. That will work right up to the point where one of their elderly victims plugs them with a few rounds from the 9mm their assailant didn’t see.


It appears the Left is no longer trying to deceive the American public about its efforts to stifle free speech, particularly the speech of their political opponents. After all, it’s the only way they can maintain their narrative that they are the “One True Way” to utopia, even if their definition of utopia is the definition of hell for everyone else. If they have to kill the First Amendment to get their way, that’s fine with them.

In other words, [Twitter CEO Jack] Dorsey thinks that political candidates should only be able to communicate with voters if their messages are vetted by and filtered through mainstream media gatekeepers. There’s no doubt that he would gladly ban President Trump from the platform completely if he thought he could get away with it.


The Democrats view free speech as a threat to their political ambitions — and they’re absolutely right. But banning political ads on Twitter won’t be nearly enough to save the Democrats in 2020.

“Vetted by and filtered through mainstream media gatekeepers.” Hmm. And who will keep an eye on those gatekeepers? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Or are we supposed to trust these gatekeepers to do their jobs without bias?

Not in a million years.


It sounds like Joe Biden is sticking by his belief that “the truth is more important than facts.” However, his definition of truth is likely very different from most other folks’ definition. His latest application of his belief is in regard to the unemployment and labor participation rate numbers. As he says:

"Look, go back to your old neighborhood. Find me middle-class folks who think they’re better off. Find me anybody out there who thinks their children are going to be as well off as they are," Biden said. "Do you think they are in fact actually able to benefit from what’s happening here?"

Biden believes "wages are stagnant and they’re going up slightly but not enough." That sentence alone is contradictory. If wages were stagnant then they wouldn't be going up at all. In a sense, he proved Trump's policies are working in that sentence alone.

I can easily find plenty of middle-class folks in both my present and previous neighborhoods that would disagree with Biden, be they lower-, middle-, or upper-middle class. I know middle-class folks all over this country and I dare say they would disagree with him as well.

Despite that, I believe Creepy Uncle Joe will likely disagree with them, telling them they’re wrong. After all, facts don’t matter to him at all, something he’s already told us.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the frost has made its presence known, more boats are filling up storage yards, and most of the leaves have no fallen from the trees.