Thoughts On A Sunday

We had a bit of a surprise overnight, with a forecast dusting to 3” snowfall turning into almost 10” of snow. Many of the road crews were caught off guard and weren't quite prepared to clear the roads, meaning many side streets didn't get plowed until some time past noon, about 6 hours after the snows ended. That's unusual around here.

I cleared the driveway in anticipation of Deb's having to go into work early due to mandatory overtime and she made it out without difficulty. Of course the snow plow came by some hours after I had finished and filled in the end of the driveway. At least clearing that out only took about 10 minutes.

Ironically we are expected to see temps in the mid 60's to lower 70's during the middle of the coming week which means much of Sunday's snowfall will be nothing but a memory by Thursday.


The arguments, debates, and back-and-forth over the school shooting in Parkland, Florida continue apace. My biggest problem is that to many involved are focusing on treating the symptoms and not the cause. A lot of people seem to think that the problem is guns. It is not.

The problem is the people who think their only answer to their problem(s) is to kill a whole bunch of other people. Many of these are mentally ill, feeling that no one gives a damn about them or the problems that are plaguing them. Whether that is through neglect or a side effect of a major societal shift that has marginalized the role men as fathers is something we need to figure out. Further disarming potential victims of such deluded souls isn't how you get less of these shootings, but guarantees even more of them.


Speaking of the Parkland shooting, Skip brings up some interesting points about how the MSM actually encourages mass shootings by giving over-the-top coverage to them. Skip writes:

Here is what the media coverage conveys to every potential shooter out there:

1. You will be famous
2. The world will come to a stop for you and talk about nothing else for days
3. A school is the target that will get you the most attention
4. You should use an AR-15; they are the most dangerous and cool
5. No one will shoot back at you at a school—and we’ll make damned sure it stays that way!

After all, schools are Gun Free Zones, also known as Free Fire Zones.


Powerline has the right of it, in this case Mankind vs Peoplekind.

Nothing more I can possibly say about this.


CNN is a 'dead network walking'.

As they've all been told more than once, roll left and die.

The next network to fold unless it cleans up its act?

ESPN. Goodness knows they don't really do sports so much anymore, having abandoned it more for politics. Their viewer numbers have been plummeting as well and it's all their own fault.


I like Rush Limbaugh's suggestion in regards to the DACA situation: Permanent citizenship for illegal immigrants under one important condition: They will be ineligible to vote for between 15 and 25 years.

That would certainly cut off the Democrat Party's supply of new 'voters' for at least one generation. No more built-in constituencies.


The PC chickens are now coming home to roost, with college students now pushing back against political correctness, seeing how it instills an a “climate of fear” in anyone seen by the PC crowd as being outside the fold.

PC focuses on identity politics rather than the individual. By doing so it diminishes the strengths of individuals and the true diversity they bring to college campuses. The color of your skin or the makeup of your chromosomes takes on an unhealthy importance. You are no longer judged upon the content of your character. In effect, you as an individual become invisible. Only the collective to which you have been pushed into matters. One's accomplishments mean nothing, and that can destroy the human spirit as much as the overblown racism/sexism and all other -isms that the PC crown seem so enamored of promoting as some kind of inherent 'ism' that doesn't really exist any place but in their minds.

How that helps anyone is beyond me.


And that's the (abbreviated) news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the cleanup from the unexpected snowfall has completed, the local ski areas are loving it, and where I wish I actually had President's Day off for a change.