The Democrats Are Fighting A Civil War

One of the best comments I've seen in a long time I found following the Powerline post about the Democrats waging a civil war that too many of us do not realize they are fighting. However more people are coming to realize that the DNC is not the Democrat party of old, but a subversive organization working towards an authoritarian/totalitarian state. We already know they have no use for the Constitution unless it lets them take even more rights away from the average American citizen.

I believe that “Ritchie The Riveter” hits the nail right on the head in this comment:

This nation was not instituted to impose today's definition of "the common good" as defined by a small elite.

This nation was founded to respect and protect the rights of the INDIVIDUAL, first and foremost ... because most of the problems we face in our society are specific to the individual, and are beyond the capabilities of our government operatives to accurately discern, much less resolve.

Thomas, because of that reality, the attempts by Progressives like you to impose your definition of "the common good" have, especially in recent years, proven to be quite counterproductive in terms of producing good ... while also limiting the ability of the rest of us to work around the errors, greed, mendacity, and delusions of Progressives like you and get to the good.

What we conservatives/libertarians support, is a clear-eyed assessment of the truth: that it is the INDIVIDUAL, responsibly exercising his/her initiative, that is in the best position to better their lot AND help their neighbors do the same ... not the Progressive busybodies who embrace the confession of their fundamentalist faith: "that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capitol can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves."

Conservative and libertarian economic policies are for far more than the upper quintile ... they are for ALL WHO WOULD EXERCISE THE INITIATIVE TO BUILD UPON THE OPPORTUNITIES THAT ARISE IN A FREE SOCIETY.

And that is what you miss, as a Progressive.

You indulge in the soft bigotry of low expectations, that the "ordinary" person CAN'T get ahead via their own initiative and must have your MYOPIC help ... and your attempts to implement that bigoted line of thinking has led millions to stop exercising their initiative to get ahead, expecting your elite to solve their problems FOR them ... comfortably numb to both the likelihood of their failure, and the impairment of their ability to work around such failure.

You have encouraged millions to leave wealth on the table that they could have had by taking the initaitive to do more than just punch in, do what they're told, and punch out each day. THAT is why that upper quintile got more of that wealth ... they took the initiative to HONESTLY acquire that wealth that was left there by those who, like Flounder, f____d up and trusted "experts" and "leaders" as you have to solve their problems FOR them.

The New Deal, now the Blue Social Model that you believe is the norm of humanity, is in fact fundamentally flawed and unsustainable.